The Impossible Test 2Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: PixelCUBE Studios

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The first Impossible Test was an absolute monster – as of right now it has amassed around 20 million downloads. So of course with this kind of popularity there was always going to be a sequel. The big question however is this: is it impossible to live up to the high standards of the first one? Well read on to find out.

First thing that I want to mention is that you really have to give the guys at PixelCUBE Studios a ton of credit. With the huge success of the first Impossible Test game it would have been very easy for them to just throw a fresh lick of paint on the original game and set it loose. Well they have built this bad boy right from the ground up with the intention of blowing away every one of those 20 million people who downloaded the originals.

I absolutely love the art style of The Impossible Test 2. It looks weird and kind of quirky. It is kind of like if Tim Burton made a kids quiz show but with more color than he normally uses. Anyway it compliments the crazy questions very well. In all there are 50 different questions that will have you wanting to put your iOS device right through the wall.

The questions in The Impossible Test 2 will make you very angry, but I would say that they do it so well that just before you reach breaking point, you will figure it out or by blind stupid luck get the question right.

The selection of questions is great and they will require you to do all kinds of things to solve them. Some of them will want you to swipe, tap and drag. Some may even require you to shake your device or change its orientation. Truth be told you never know what to expect the first time you encounter one of the fun questions. If you want to have some real fun its great to play this with a buddy and watch their reactions when they are trying to make their brain work in a way they have never got it to work before.

The Impossible Test 2 is a fantastic game…… while it lasts. You see the first time you beat each question it really is a great and exciting moment. But sadly there is not a great deal of replay value to the game once you have beaten all 50 questions. There are online leader boards as well as some medals for you to win. And there are some fun achievements for you to obtain. These things do help expand the lifespan of the game. But once the questions have been beaten that is it really.

To be fair the questions are so tough that it will take you a very long time to beat all 50, so it is not like you will breeze through all 50 questions in an hour, but this is certainly one of those games that once it is over it is over. But please do not let that put you off because The Impossible Test 2 is a fantastic ride while it lasts.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store