Gangnam DanceBooth ReviewFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: WiseGecko Co. LTD.

Gangnam DanceBooth is a free app. It allows you to take pictures of you or a friend and make them do the Gangnam Dance made popular by PSY. You can even save a video of the dance to share with friends and family.

This app is easy to use. The first step is to take a picture or use one from your camera roll. Next, select the person’s head and resize the selector. Once this is done you can generate Gangnam style dances.

This app allows you to either take a picture or use one from your camera roll. The process of selecting a photo and selecting the face is easy. You can save a video of the dance and share it. This app also allows you to select songs from your iTunes. After creating your dancer it is stored for later use. In-App purchases allow you to buy different dancer bodies and outfits.

Although this app has a lot of great features it also has a few faults. The load time is rather long when the app is loading the Gangnam song. This is because the song is loaded from youtube instead of being stored locally. When you record a video the app records audio from the microphone. This creates background noise. When saving a video the app has to render . This seems to take a while. Although you can buy different dance bodies you can’t change the background your dancer is dancing in front of. This app does not scale on the iPad or rotate.

With the basic download you get two dance bodies. You can purchase more via in-app purchase. The ability to select different songs gives this app replay value. Unfortunately the videos fall short due to the recording of the background noise. Fortunately this is a free app and is worth the download. I would not bother downloading the other dance bodies since the default is good enough.

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