the blockheadsFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Majic Jungle Software

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Minecraft certainly did become a huge hit, and the idea of building you own game world is something that many developers are no doubt going to try and emulate at some point. But while I am sure many of them will go for the bigger is better approach. What we have here is a nice slimed down version that gives you many of the things that made Minecraft so much fun, but it is also a game that wants you to go and explore the world.

When you look at a screenshot from The Blockheads I would put money that the majority of gamers will probably think this is just something that someone has made on Minecraft. Well to be fair the game does have that kind of look to it. Which to me at the very least has not over stayed its welcome just yet.

From a game play point of view I am sure if you played this for half an hour you would think I was crazy for classing this game as a platform game. You see when the game starts your little Blockhead character is all alone. To start with you will need to dig in the dirt in order to come up with something in order to build your self a little shelter before it gets to dark.

One thing that I found very amusing was how when you need to have a camp fire you can actually burn your shelter down if you place it to close to your shelter. After a little while you will start to wonder what else is out there, and this is when the really beauty of this game begins.

You see the world that this game is set in is huge. You can wander in many different locations. There are forests, mountain ranges, and deserts not name some of the locations. In all these locations you can dig in order to find some more items that you can use to build things with.

Exploring and building is probably the main part of the game, but if you do not keep your little Blockhead buddy in shape and happy then things will not go that smoothly. You need for one thing to make sure he never goes hungry. There are numerous things that he can eat on your journey, but some times you will need to save it. And if you are going on a big expedition to a far of part of the game you will need to make sure you have some food with you.

In all this is a fantastic game and it is all free. There is no excuse not to at the very least give it an hour or two. I know I said it is a slimmed down version of Minecraft, but that actually may be a little harsh as there is a great deal of content here that will keep you busy for hours on end. It is more than just building stuff. This is as much about exploring the world as it is building a world.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store