Super Mega Worm vs. Santa 2 Review
Pros & Cons:

Pros: Easy Controls, Time Mode

Cons: Some May Not Enjoy the Retro Graphics

Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2

Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Deceased Pixel LLC

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

If there ever was a messed up and crazy game it had to be the crazy Super Mega Worm vs Santa. I still remember when a buddy of mine told me about the game I was sure he was messing with me. Well he was not and it turned out not only was Super Mega Worm vs Santa as truly bizarre game, but it was also very fun as well. So it really is no surprise that we now have a sequel. But how does it measure up to its crazy predecessor?

I absolutely love the visual style of this game. One thing that I am a sucker for is when a game has that 8-bit throw back look and Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2 certainly has that. I am sure that there will be some people who are not to fond when a game takes this kind of art direction, but I love it. There is also a great deal of very funny little moments that I will not spoil. I wills ay that despite it being a 8-bit looking game there is a huge amount of graphic violence that I am sure will not be for some people.

In terms of game play there really is not a lot to the game, but its simplicity makes it very addicting. You play the role of Wojira who is a giant killer worm who needs to destroy the evil robot Santa Clause.

You will use an on screen controller to move around Wojira and make him surface every once in a while to destroy and eat things. There is just something very amusing about eating a little Christmas elf. But the screams of a woman when you eat her baby I am sure are probably a little to much for some. Still while this violence is really graphics well as graphic as 8-bit style visuals will allow. It is done in a tongue in cheek manor and not meant to be taken seriously.

If you get far enough into the game you can give Wojira super powers (like being a giant killer worm was not enough) where you can shoot fire and ice. You will certainly need these extra powers when it comes to taking on the games big bad boss the crazy and evil robot Santa.

Super Mega Worm vs Santa 2 is an absolute blast it is a little on the short side, but that does not mean the game is lacking in the fun department. If you love 8-bit games and enjoy over the top violence then you simply must download this game right now! This is by far the most fun I have had on my iPad for a very long time. Does that make me a sick person? Perhaps, but at least I am a sick person having fun controlling a super powered killer worm.

SMVS2 or Super Mega Worm vs. Santa 2 by Deceased Pixel brings to you the old retro-style of gaming with a holiday-themed genre. It’s the sequel to the SMWVS series. You play a great mega worm eating your way through the levels to maintain health. In each level you have a number of elves to consume in order to advance to the next.

Controls are basic and easy to use, and consist of a directional pad that allow you to move up, down, left and right with your thumb, as well as the A & B buttons that are typically seen in traditional arcade games. As you advance through levels you get new abilities like mega dive and ice / spit to take on your enemy elves. The game offers two modes: the basic levels, and a time mode which challenges you to get a number of elves in a given time – which is a fun, challenging alternative game mode.

What I like most about the game is that while it uses retro 8-bit style graphics it integrates great new gameplay with basic controls and does it well. Diving around and jumping out to eat elves is done fluidly. Easy to pick up and just play and kill time with.

Overall it’s an old-school style graphics game with new techniques thrown in. Super Mega Worm is a great sequel to the series and doesn’t disappoint in its gameplay. Well worth buying at its affordable $1 price point.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store