Cognitile Review
Pros & Cons:

Pros: Fun Gameplay, Plenty of Levels, Workshop Mode

Cons: Tutorial / Explanation of Traps Could Be Better Detailed

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Cognitile is another great puzzle / mazes game that challenges your memory more than anything. The aim of the game is to exercise your memory by presenting a map which has things like gaps, fire traps etc. that are hidden when you begin the game. You are required to draw a safe route to your goal by memorizing where exactly the faults are on the map.

The game is packed with over 60 levels and starts from easy puzzles to fairly complex maps that really tax your memorization skills. Cognitile also offers hints and cog-vision to help you through the game. Cog-vision is what you see at the beginning of each level, and the hints will help you along the way but come in a sparse amount and you can buy more through in-app purchases if needed.

If you find yourself tired of playing existing levels in single-player mode, the game also offers a great “workshop” mode which is the biggest pro in my opinion that makes it worth the purchase. This mode allows you to create your own puzzles and share them out to the web and alternatively play other people’s puzzle maps. This mode opens up new doors for when you get bored of the standard game and or after you’ve beaten all the puzzles. This game is packed with fun and truly challenging for your memory skills, so if you’re into this sort of puzzle-based games definitely pick this up in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store