The main question regarding “Should I upgrade to iOS 7” is not about whether or not you should upgrade. It’s about why you haven’t upgraded already. Maybe it’s because you were put off to iOS 7 after seeing little Jack’s performance about it.

Maybe you were put off it by our iOS 7 Beta review. Whatever the reason, this article will show you what you’re missing out on.

Beautiful New Interface


You know how the iOS 6 looked the same as iOS 2? Did you also notice that the general style of iOS didn’t change majorly for 6 years since it’s release? Well iOS 7 changed all of that. Although it’s criticized for not being innovative, and just “changing app icons,” it’s a lot more than that. The new iOS 7 style actually makes a lot more sense. Instead of having leather and wood textures on everything, now apps look modernistic. They don’t have leather or wood because they’re not physical things. Instead, everything looks clean and fresh. Just like technology should look like

Granted the whole “flat” style was heavily copied from Windows 8, Windows phone and Google + designs. It doesn’t matter for you as the customer though. If you were Windows you should be upset. However you’re a customer, so if something is copied for the sake of your happiness with the product, then you should enjoy it.

Not everyone likes the new look. But not everyone liked the new YouTube or the new Facebook or the new Windows or the new Google. Get used to it. Remember Jack? Don’t be Jack.

Swipe Up for Magic!



Okay… I get it. You’re not a geek and don’t find technologically cool things to be “magical.” Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the new Control Center in iOS. Granted once again it’s taken from Android. The Control Center is a quick settings page that appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Want to turn off notifications when you go to sleep? Control Center. Want to turn your flashlight when you wake up? Control Center. Want to turn up the brightness in a sunny place? Control Center. Have no girlfriend? Contro- Well it can’t help you with that.

Regardless, you get the idea. Control Center saves you about 37 taps a day without going through the Settings app. We estimate that one tap takes .0002932 seconds. Also you might use your phone twice as much during the weekend. That means you’ll save about 2 seconds over the next 10 years by using iOS 7’s Control Center.

Okay so that calculation wasn’t correct? At least you can get to your calculator quickly through Control Center to check it.Β 

Redesigned Notification Center

We all know how much iOS 6’s notification center sucked. Well you don’t have to ever worry about that again. iOS 7 is way better.



You can find the things that matter by taking a look at Today’s notifications, tomorrow’s upcoming reminders, and missed notifications. How cool is that?

Okay we have to admit, it’s not really that cool. But it’s good enough coming from a company that takes more than six years to make a major change to their operating system.

Even Better AndroidΒ iOS Multitasking!

Once again we’ve come across a feature that reminds us a lot of Android’s multitasking. In fact, 80% of my friends say that iOS 7 reminds them of Android. I’m sure you can agree as well. But as we said before, whatever! If it’s better for you as the consumer, who cares that Apple copied Android? You’re better off on iOS 7 than on iOS 6 anyways.


Other Stuff Not Worth Mentioning in Detail

iOS 7 also brings an updated camera and photos app. Not to mention that AirDrop has been added to iOS, which lets you share contacts or photos with other iOS devices nearby.

Safari has also been updated in iOS 7. Another cool thing you can do in iOS 7 is saving your account names, passwords and credit card numbers through iCloud Keychain. Sounds risky? Well don’t worry, everything is highly encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. You trust Apple with your life, why not with your finances as well?

The last things to mention about iOS 7 would include the addition of iTunes radio and an upgrade to Siri.

Everyone Else is Doing it, So you Should Too

Over 200 million devices were updated to iOS 7 after a few days of it coming out. If you don’t upgrade soon you’ll be left behind in the technology group of grandmas and other tech. illiterate people. Do you really think you’ll be better off sticking with a one year old operating system? Why not just update? It’s free after all.

At least Apple isn’t charging you to upgrade to iOS 7 like they did for iOS 2… Who knows? They could start charging again. If you upgrade now you won’t have to worry about doing it in the future or getting behind.

Besides, you bought an iPhone to use its hardware to its full potential. Staying with iOS 6 is like staying with an engine that hasn’t had its oil changed. Just change the oil already, you owe it to yourself.

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