Infinity Blade III is created by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC. It costs $6.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Infinity Blade has had a lot of success with their entire series. In fact, the iPhone 5S’s graphic capabilities were showed off using Infinity Blade III during the recent September Apple event.

In this game you play as Siris who teams up with King Raidriar and Isa to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Deathless titans. Infinity Blade III starts off with an amazing intro and great cut scenes that makes you feel like you’re watching a good movie instead of playing a game.

Infinity Blade III Screenshot

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Once you start attacking monsters you can block and dodge enemies. Not to mention that you can swing your sword in their direction to daze them, as well as strike them down and cast spells. All attacks are done by swiping your finger, while dodging and blocks are done by tapping on on-screen icons.

You can play as Isa or Siris. Each character has three unique combat styles and hundreds of unlockable weapons and items.

The Good:

The graphics and story-mode are breadth-taking in this game. For $6.99, you get what you pay for: pure quality.

The Bad:

All of the in-game purchases disgust me. You have to purchase coins using in-app purchases to unlock items and swords.

Sure you can gain more coins by just playing the game… But the coin mechanics are seriously flawed. You should get more coins after battles. It’s obvious the game developers want to sell useless virtual coins.

The reason this disgusts me is because Infinity Blade III is $7 to begin with. If I bought GTA V for $60 I could play it for 600 hours and not get bored. Infinity Blade III is charging me $7 just to get the game, and then $5-50 to have fun and buy in-app items. That’s too much…


Infinity Blade III is a really great game, but a perfect example of developer greed. It’s rated an average of 4 stars by over 4,5000 users, and if you have the money to spend on it, it’s totally worth getting.

However it’s really disappointing that there is even an option to buy in-app items in this game with real money. Isn’t $7 for the app itself enough?

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store