Rockmelt ReviewRockmelt is a free news app for all ios devices.

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According to the developer this app is suppose to do the following:

“Rockmelt is your new favorite internet explorer, trend-finder, news searcher, and more! Read your favorite magazines, blogs, sites, tumblrs, alongside your tweets and Facebook posts.”

When you first launch the app it asks to log into your Facebook and Twitter account. This is so it can look at your likes and attempt to find sites that you would be interested in. After the initial load you are given a list of stories that you might be interested in. I’ve found that a lot of the stories felt random. Some were even categorized wrong.

The search function is a little misleading. Instead of searching through your news sources it searches Google. On the search bar you can filter by category or add more sources to your categories. In this regard it feels a lot like Flipboard. Instead of flipping through your articles like a book you scroll down. If you want to save a story you can swipe right and save it in a column to the right which is labeled kept items. When you tap an article it goes full screen. Instead of clicking an X to return to browsing you have to pinch the screen.

I’ve found that when clicking articles sometimes it takes the app a while to open the article. A couple of times I’ve clicked an article and received a page not found message. According to iTunes this is the fourth revision of the app. Rockmelt Inc. has done a lot of bug fixes. A few users have complained about the need to use social networking accounts. Others have complained about the user interface and how confusing it is. I did not see the user interface as an issue. A lot of users love this interface and have made this app their go to app for searching through multiple sources of media and news. I’m not sure how I feel about this being my main newsreader. Overall this app is pretty descent and has a lot of potential. I’m very curious as to what the next revision will bring.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Rockmelt Review

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