Nigellissma ReviewNigellissima is a free cooking up for ios. If you’re a fan of Nigella Lawson then this app is for you. This has recipes, interviews, information about her book, behind the scenes information about the app and access to Nigella’s Social feeds.

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The get the book section gives you a look at the books she has published. Here you can get a description of the book, a few photos of the dishes from the book, and the option to order the book, to buy the iBook, or share information about the book on Facebook, Twitter or email to a friend. In the recipe section you can choose from several recipes. The image of the dish is displayed in the background and an overlay is displayed on top describing the recipe and the directions for cooking the dish. Each step is a separate overlay and has the ability to let you add notes. Four new recipes were added for the holiday season. The making of Nigellissima tells you about how Nigella got started with creating her brand. In the social feed section you can keep up on her Facebook, twitter and blog posts. You can repost any of the items she has postd to twitter, Facebook or even email them to someone. In the Nigella’s Italy section you will find video clips of Nigella talking about various topics. Nigella’s Latin loves is a small collection of must have Italian ingredients for a festive season. Each item is described and tips on how to use them.

This app is a great example of using the iPad to promote, display and share a person’s brand and/or content. More people should take a lesson from the layout and functionality of this app. All of the images and video are high quality and the app is very snappy. Although Italian food is not my passion I was very interested in exploring this app and learning more about it.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Nigellissma Review

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