rescue rushFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Red Robot Labs Inc

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Why the heck are there not more games like Pac-Man on the iOS? I mean every one who likes video games has to like Pac-Man don’t they? So with that being said I would think that there would be a million Pac-man rip offs on the iOS. Well the people at Red Robot Labs Inc have come up with a great new take on the Pac-Man formula. And I will say this right now this may be the most ingenious Pac-Man clone I have ever played!

Rescue Rush is a game that has a pretty interesting story you play the role of a cat, but not just any ordinary cat. This is a cat who was being experimented on at some research lab and how he is a giant cat. With his newly found super size he takes it upon him self to travel the globe and release the other test subjects.

Graphically this is a very mice looking game the cat is very cute looking, but over all this is a very good looking game. A great deal of time and care went into making sure Rescue Rush is a game that captures your attention when you play it.

The real winner here though is the game play. Now you have already listened to me call this game a Pac-Man clone and that really is the best way I think to describe this game. But the level design here is fantastic. Want me to tell you what is so special abut the level design? Well it uses your location to make the game maps your actual location. This is the best use I have ever seen any game use this feature. One cool thing is that if you say live on a farm with next to no streets around you. That you can go to there places that have a more interesting street layout to make levels for the game.

So the basic idea is once a level has been generated you need to free the other test subjects who are located on the map. The game controls very similar to Pac-Man where you will be moving your character down paths. Where as Pac-man has the Ghosts chasing you. In Rescue Rush we have robots trying to stop you. But do not worry because there is a very handy power up that you can get that will make you invincible for a little while. You will need to collect a certain amount of test subjects to pass the level.

There are also a ton of coins for you to get and crystals. Crystals are this games for of currency and while you can buy some from the in app store you can also earn them by beating missions. And to be honest nothing in the game really requires tons of crystals. So if you are patient you can earn enough crystals thorough the game play.

Rescue Rush is a really cool game. I love in a small area and I still had a blast playing with this. I am sure if you live in a big city that some of the levels will be insane. This is a game that I highly recommend you download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store