hunger games adventureFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Funtactix Inc

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I will fully admit that I was a total ignoramus when it came to the Hunger Games. It kind of felt like the whole world knew what it was except me. Now my wife has read all the books so she was very excited for the movie and I was dragged along to go and see it. And I loved it. I cannot ay how close it was to the book or anything, but I did enjoy the movie. And it made me wonder what a game would be like we.. thanks to Funtactix Inc I do not have to wonder any longer.

The art style that was chosen for this game is very interesting. The game manages to capture the look of the movie very well, but in a fun style. It is on the very verge of looking cartoony, but it somehow works. Now you create your own player from a great choice of options at your disposal. And while I am sure many of you would want to play as characters from the movie, but its still great creating your own to live in this world. And you will meet many of your favourite characters along the way.

Now to the game play. Well before we talk about the game play let me tell you about the story. This is a very story driven game. And it really does engage you. I actually think a person who has not even seen the movie would enjoy this game. In other words this is a story that makes you want to keep on playing the game.

The way this game plays is kind of like one of those social building style of games. But I do not want to just throw the game in that genre as I think that is unfair. You will do many things like building and farming for resources and going on quests. Like similar games you do not have a whole lot of interacting with these objectives you just click and wait.

I am sure you are wondering what the catch is. Well all of the things you do in the game require energy. Energy is this games form of currency. And what ever you do will deplete some of your energy. You want to set a trap to catch one of the weird mutant animals? Then it will cost you energy. Of course once your energy is all gone you either have to wait for it to refill on its own or you can buy some from the in game store.

I can hear you all groaning now, but I will stick up for this game in that it does not actually take that long for your energy to fill up. Do not get me wrong it can still be a royal pain in the butt. Yet it takes no where near as long as some of the other games like this I have played.

In all this is a great game. It is by far the most story driven game in this type of genre I have played. It actually got me wanting to play through the whole game. And to be honest not many other games like this have done that.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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