Repulze Review

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Repulze by Pixelbite is a $3 futuristic racing game. You go speeding through defying gravity across multiple tracks.

Repulze is an action paced racing game where you take your hovercraft through multiple phases. Repulze is in current Phase 3, the addition of weapons and new hovercrafts. The app is greatly updated from time to time adding new phases. Design wise the graphics are high def and supported by that of the new retina display. New tracks are frequently added with phases bringing more and more detailed environments like “wasteland” levels and so on. The details from the hovercraft particles to the background of the racing maps are so stunning that its amazing to think this is a mobile game. Be it on the iPhone or iPad the details in the design won’t disappoint and if thats not enough the gameplay and levels will surely keep you satisfied. Particles flying across the racing environment really give the immersive experience of a battlefield going on all the while the race takes place.

Controls are basic as well and easy to pick up. The touch interface allows you to fire to help clear obstacles or opponents throughout the game, additionally you have tilt controls to maneuver your hovercraft. You can quickly pick up Repulze and learn all the navigations to racing. Whats great about the game is every level it offers you to choose your controls from the get go giving you versatility to how you want to play. The graphics really are stunning and match up well with the fast paced gameplay. The game itself has over 24 unique tracks that each have their own obstacles, boosts, pick-ups through them. Your tasked during the game to collect polarity charges. Either red or green charges in order to power your boost. You collect these charges through going through polarity gates, going into wrong colors depletes your boosts while going into the right charges up your boosts allowing you get an edge in race wise.


-Stunning Graphics
-Easy/Customizable Controls
-Great Combat system


Repulze brings a futuristic racer to iOS and does a great job at that. Each phase added new improving features to the game. From new tracks to improved AI. The weapon system is nicely integrated so while your focusing on racing your also taking advantage of your weapons to take out your opponents. The levels also have number of upgrades/power ups to give you an edge in racing. Things like magnetic fields, barriers and toolkits. After your races you have the option to customize your hovercrafts improving things like handling, acceleration and speed. This is where the game shines you improve on your hovercraft as you progress noticing differences in its speed and raw power of its weapons system. Overall the game handles really well at its 60 FPS for so much going on in the racing environments. Everything seemed to run smooth with no lag at all. This really is a cross hybrid of racing meets action thrown in a futuristic setting. Extra in-app purchases are also available for further upgrades to your ships. Pixelbite did a really great job in packing a ton of updates and consideration into Repulze. At $3 its worth every penny if your looking for a great racing-action genre title. High intensity graphics coupled with high quality gameplay theres no going wrong in this purchase, find Repulze in the app-store for iPad or iPhone today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store