Piction App Review

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Piction app by Ancient Wisdom Productions inc. is a captioning app for the iPhone. At $1 it simply combines photos with that of rich simple text.

Piction app takes photos and allows you apply simple text to them. You can either choose from your photo library or take a new photo and upload it straight into the application. The whole apps design is based on simplicity. Very minimal text flying around just simple buttons allowing you to take a picture, caption existing ones and or view your pictions. Adding pictions can be used in various ways from haikus, quotes and other interesting uses. In conjunction with popular apps like instagram, twitter, etc piction app can prove useful when posting pictures to the web. No need to caption photos simply add the text straight on the picture. Piction app creates pictions the combination of pictures and captions all in one. Packaging it elegantly with high-res typography.

Adding in text is as easy as clicking a button and inputing whatever it is you want to caption your picture with. Adjustments afterwards can be made in terms of position, font and size, even alignment can be adjusted within the photo. Multiple fonts are available to your disposal in order to get just the right look for your piction. 20 powerful fonts to be exact all of which offer a real great typography to the overall photo. After finishing the piction you can share out to the popular social networks like Instagram etc. You even have a choice to save a high resolution 2000×2000 pixel copy to your phone. Other effects also include the ability to control text transparency through simple sliders. Making it easy to control how bold you want the text to show against your picture.

-Super simple UI
-Beautiful typographic fonts

-Nothing special compared to free caption apps

While Piction app is super simple and makes adding captions to text easy as a tap of a button, at its $1 price point it doesn’t do anything particularly unique to that of many other free captioning apps out there. It simply adds text to the picture and gives you sharing options. While the UI may be worth the $1 to you thats all it is. There are many other free solutions or similar priced apps that do much more in terms of captioning. More effects, fonts, and options. Piction app at its core simply adds text to pictures with a cleaned up interface. It does however offer high res output of your image to not only your phone but multiple social networks. If thats something you want to drop a dollar on then find it in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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