Rabbids Big Bang is a game created by Ubisoft.  It costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Rabbids is a huge TV and game series that has been popularized with kids over the years. Rabbids Big Bang is a great game that delivers a lot of fun and gameplay time.

You basically swipe on the screen with a finger to “hit” a Rabbid into space with a baseball bat. Then you pilot that Rabbid around planets using a jet pack.

The more coins you collect, the more things you can purchase using them. You can upgrade the bat you use to smack Rabbids into space, as well as the jet pack the Rabbid using to navigate planets.

Rabbid Big Bang Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

With over 10 galaxies and 15 missions, this game packs a lot of fun. Not to mention that you can also travel in-between planets by using gravitational pulls outlined by white trails.

In Rabbids Big Bang you’ll be asked to bounce on space duckies, hit Space Cows and even fly to the sun. Along your adventures you will also come across cheese planets and UFOs. What you do with this newly found knowledge of the universe, is up to you…

The Good:

Ubisoft is a big game developing company known for delivering value. You can’t go wrong with this game and the magnitude of fun it brings.

The Bad:

While playing Rabbids Big Bang I was not able to find any glitches or shortcomings. I don’t think this game could be improved in any realistic way, it’s already perfect.


Rabbids Big Bang is a game anyone would enjoy, especially fans of Angry Birds Star Wars. If you don’t like fun games, then you probably wouldn’t like this app. Who are you kidding? You love fun apps! Get his game and you won’t regret it. Just don’t get upset when you finish it and find out there isn’t a Rabbids Big Bang 2 game you could download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store