Ghost Toasters – Regular Show is a game created by the Cartoon Network. It costs $2.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


In this game you play as 13 unique and unlockable characters from The Regular Show cartoon. Each character has their own special gun, ability, attack and upgradeable skill tree. To succeed in this game you will need to upgrade them all to the same level over time. You know the saying, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and this cannot be truer for this game.

You have to make sure your entire team as a whole gets upgraded evenly, or else you will be making it hard on yourself to beat advance in Ghost Toasters.

In Ghost Toasters you control a single character at a time, and you direct them to shoot down ghosts. There are 4 chapters with 40 levels in total. To complete each level, all of the ghosts have to be eliminated.

Ghost Toasters

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Throughout levels you will also see random portals appear. If you jump in a yellow portal than your character will get switched randomly with another character that you have unlocked. If you jump in a purple portal, then a character will appear next your current character, and they will both fight along-side each other.

When the ghost hordes get too insane to keep away just by shooting at, then it’s time for power ups. There are strength buffs, speeds boosts, invisible golf cards, pickle shields and The Power. These power ups are limited and can be unlocked through coins which are either earned or purchase in app.

The Good:

This game has two warnings about in-app purchases, so that adults and parents are notified that in-app purchases use real money. I really like these warnings that let parents know how to disable in-app purchases if desired.

You can also unlock costumes for your characters, which won’t only make them look cooler, but also give them special powers.

The Bad:

Chapter 5 is coming soon but it’s not clear if it will be unlocked through an in-app purchase, or if it will be free. Other than this small in-app purchase speculation, nothing is “bad” about this game. There are no ads or excessive in-app purchases that make it hard to beat the game without buying anything.


If your kids watch The Regular Show, then this game will probably provide them with a bundle of fun. If they aren’t into platformers and enjoy racing games or Angry Birds more, then stay away from this app.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store