On Thursday, Russia’s President claimed that the internet was created as a CIA project and is still “developing as such.”

With Putin’s paranoia over the internet being so exposed to privacy breaches Russia has begun trying to create its own “Intranet.” In the middle of April 2014, Russia passed a law that forces Gmail and Skype to hold some servers in Russia which save all user information for at least half a year.

The idea behind this local server-backup is that Russia will have its own internet should it ever decide to cut off access to the rest of the world.

Durov. Credits: Wikipedia

Considering that Durov, a creator of Russia’s Facebook alternative, left Russia because it “was incompatible with Internet business at the moment,” that leaves a lot of questions as to the validity of Putin’s statement.

Is the internet used by the CIA to protect people from terrorists plots? Probably. Did the CIA create the internet to spy on people and take over the world? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.