In this article we’re going to compare the iPhone 5c’s features and specs against the Nexus 5. Hopefully this comparison makes it easier for you to decide which phone best suites your needs.

Design and Weight

The Nexus 5 is a giant compared to the iPhone 5c. Its dimensions are 5.427 x 2.723 x 0.338 inches, whereas the iPhone 5c measures 4.898 x 2.330 x 0.353. Interestingly enough the Nexus 5 has a larger screen but is actually thinner than the iPhone.

Not to mention that the iPhone 5c weighs 4.66oz but the Nexus 5 weighs only 4.59oz.

For phone users that are worried about big phones not fitting into their pockets, then the smaller 5c would make sense for them. For the people that want a large screen and better media experience, then they should consider the Nexus 5.


The display specs we’re about to share with you might be shocking, so brace yourselves…

Credits: Phone Arena

The iPhone 5c has a 4-inch screen with a pixel density of 326ppi and a resolution of 1136 x 640. The Nexus 5 on the other hand has a 4.95-inch screen with a pixel density of 445ppi and a resolution of 1920×1080.

We don’t know how LG was able to fit such an amazing screen into the affordable Nexus 5, but we’re glad they did. The Nexus 5 has a screen that’s better than even an iPhone 5s.

Some consumers considering between an expensive iPhone 5c and an iPhone 5s might actually decide that the Nexus 5, which is half the price, is a better phone because of its amazing screen.

Battery Life

The Nexus 5 and iPhone 5c are tied when it comes to battery life. They both run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Google and Apple claim that their phones can run up to 10 hours on a single charge, but real-world scenarios of full usage indicate otherwise. You will get around 5-6 hours for example when streaming Netflix at 75% brightness.


Both the iPhone 5c and the Nexus 5 feature 8-megapixel rear cameras. The Nexus 5’s front camera is 1.3-megapixels whereas the iPhone 5c is 1.2-megapixels.

The color balance and quality of these phones’ front cameras are both tied. When it comes their video recording, both cameras are similar in quality and shoot in 1080p.

Processors and RAM

The iPhone 5C utilizes Apple’s A6 dual-core chip that has a 1.3GHz clock speed and 1GB of RAM. The Nexus 5 on the other hand has a 2.3Ghz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM.

Since Android has historically been more resource hungry than iOS, these specs are actually tied. The Nexus 5 provides more “physical” processing power with its hardware, but since the software isn’t as optimized as iOS, the performance ends up being the same. Both phones will handle anything you throw at them for the next two years equally well.

The one interesting note to make about the Nexus 5’s processing power is that it is able to playback 4K video. The iPhone 5c on the other hand is not ready for the same task.

Special Perks

The Nexus 5 has NFC capability, but that’s about it when it comes to special perks with either phones.

Price and Storage

The iPhone 5c 16GB costs $549.00 out of contract, and the 32GB version costs $649.00. The Nexus 5 is much more affordable though costing only $349 for the 16GB model out of contract and the $399 for the 32GB model.


iTouchApps is an Apple-dedicated site. That’s a fact. I am myself as the author of this article use an iPhone 5s and am “an Apple-dedicated consumer.”

Usually these circumstances would mean that the cards are stacked against Android. However, I am proud to say without any remorse that the Nexus 5 is a better phone than the iPhone 5s technically speaking. When it comes to preference and brands that’s a whole other matter left for you to decide.

If you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on iOS apps and eBooks then it’s possible you may never want to switch to Android. But if you don’t have much to lose in the iOS ecosystem by switching to Android, then this is a good a time as ever.



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