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My first summer out of college I worked at Ames Deparmtent store. In the electronics department helping customers decide what to buy. This is when I discovered Pokemon. The game was simple, yet a huge money maker. You would battle with creatures to collect other creatures in order to become the best Pokemon trainer. The problem is that you need to either trade to get the Pokemon you don’t have or buy all of the games and trade with yourself.

This is where PokeBuilder comes in handy. With this app you can create your own Pokemon based on attributes in the app. This app works with Black/White 1 & 2, H gold/S. Silver, Diamond/Pearl and Platinum. This app basically connects to your game and allows you to trade with your ios device instead of a Gameboy. This app gives you step by step instructions on how to connect to your Gameboy.

With this app you can create custom Pokemon. The main attributes you can modify are Main abilities, moves, stats, and many others. The ability to create custom Pokemon can add a new element to your Pokemon game. At $0.99 this app is worth the download. Other users are raving about how awesome this app is. One user even points out that the developer has a twitter account and they were able to chat with the developer for over half an hour and was able to get their issues resolved. The biggest problem with getting this app to work is setting the DNS, which seems to be easy to remedy if the direction are followed properly.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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