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The evolution of converting physical documents to digital has progressed yet again. Almost everybody has seen or used a flatbed scanner or copier either to scan photos or documents. These can be slow and not everybody has them readily available. Fortunately With TurboScan you can turn your ios device into a scanner.

If you can take a picture you can scan documents. You can save your documents as either multipage pdf or as jpgs. Once saved as a PDF you can send it to other documents on your ios device. If you save your documents as jpg you can add them to your camera roll. You also have the ability to airprint, or email your documents to yourself.

The developer states this app uses fast algorithms to adjust the quality of the document as well detect the edges. It is not recommended to use this app on the iPod 4th generation or the iPad 2 due to their low quality cameras. The developer also recommends that you use a flash in low light or make sure you use this app in well lit conditions.

Although this runs on all devices it does not have a native iPad layout. A bigger screen would help a lot with scanning and determining if the quality of the scans you are creating are worth keeping.

For $1.99 this app is worth the download. There have been countless times that I needed to scan some documents really quick and send them to someone. It’s a lot faster to take a picture then it is to scan a page. This app would have come in handy when I was scanning a family cookbook with my flatbed scanner. This process took me an hour. I could have easily gotten this done in about fifteen minutes. I highly recommend downloading this app.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store