NASCAR: Redline is a game created by Eutechnyx Limited. It costs $2.99 (for a limited time) and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Don’t expect this game to be a “racing” game just because of the name NASCAR. This is more like a strategy game than a racing game really.

You never get to steer your car during races. You don’t even have a camera view of your car for 95% of the game. Everything is done from a “control panel” that lets you see an overview of the racers, your car’s condition, and many other critical information.

This control panel also lets you pit your car when it gets damaged and change driving tactics (such as aggression and speed). If you’re in 1st place for example and there’s three laps left in the race, you would turn aggression to high and not pit your car, because you’re so close to the finish line. But if you’re at 40% damage and there’s a lot of time left in the race, then you would pit your car and make sure aggression is lower.

Sometimes you will get put into the car and you’ll be asked to rev it up or down depending on the move your driver wants to make. This revving process is only successful if you are quick in revving the engine to the desired speed.

As soon as you’re done revving the engine, then you’re put back into the control panel.


US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Other Features:

You can upgrade your car using points that you earn, or in-app purchases. Before any race you also get to “tune” your car by revving the engine at three different speeds. The closer you are to the target speeds, the better the tuning is.

The Good:

This game is really accurate in simulating a NASCAR driving team and the strategies they go through.

The Bad:

The graphics of the cars and other things when you’re not in the control panel are terrible.


If you’re into strategy games or NASCAR tactics, then you’re going to enjoy this game. However if you’re into racing games such as Asphalt 8 and want quick thrills, stay away from it.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store