Man in a Maze Review

Pros & Cons
Pros: Great Graphics, Multiple Levels, Upgrade System, Affordable
Cons:  The game show theme may not be everyone

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The guys at Chillingo strike again with another hit “Man in a Maze” puzzle game for the iPhone & iPad at the great $1 price point. Think of man in a maze as a sort of game show/puzzle based game.

Your thrown into this game show were you have to go through a variety of mazes in order to collect gems and win prizes. Grabbing all the gems opens the door to your victory and the next level. At the end of every level you earn a spin where your able to win more coins, prizes that are tied into achievements, and even the possibility of being robbed of your points.

However the levels aren’t as easy as just walking through these mazes as multiple objectives will block your path. Robot drones throughout multiple levels patrol the map attempting to stop you, aside from them theres lasers, turrets and so much more as your progress. Though your not left defenseless early in the game your equipped with a bouncing ball that you can use as a lethal projectile to bounce around the map. Chillingo integrates many upgrades into the game that allow you to finishes level with some advantages and just adds on to the experience. Offering new ways to complete mazes be it cloaks of invisibility and so on.

The game at its core is based on a game show so your thrown into multiple situations between levels from prize boards, to spin a wheels which is really great in terms of adding onto the feel of the game but may not be for everyone.

Overall Man in a Maze is still a extremely fun puzzle game, the game show experience adds on to that gameplay and the graphics are outstanding. Priced at an affordable $1 you get more than you pay for. Multiple mazes to progress through and re-playable levels that keep the fun going, whether you use the upgrades or just stay bare bones and run through the levels using your basic arsenal. One of the great games by Chillingo at a great price check it out today!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store