mad skills bmxFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Turborilla

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Ever since I was a kid and I saw BMX Bandits for the first time I have always thought BXM’s were cool. So much that I even got one for Christmas one year and I was sure I was going to be amazing. Well the short version of the story is that my BMX trick career resulted in a great deal of skin being ripped of the side of my leg. But thanks to games like Mad Skills BMX I get to live out my childhood dreams on my iPad. And I get to keep all the skin on my legs so it is a win win situation!

Wow is what I said the first time I fired this game up. It looks amazing easily one of the best looking 2D racers on the iOS. I mean it I was stunned with the level of detail. Not just in the BMX bikes or the racers, but the levels in the game. The amount of layers in the background is staggering. The guys in the art department at Turborilla really out did them selves here. I would go as far to say this looks as good as some of the high end 2D games that you would find on Xbox Live Arcade or the Playstation Network.

The game looks amazing, but the control scheme is certainly not for everyone. If you ware looking for a racing gamer where you just go forward and make the odd jump then this is not the game for you. Mad Skills BMX has a very complex control scheme, but once you get to grips with it I think that it gives you a greater amount of control over what your BMX can do.

To move forward all you do is press the screen on the left hand side, but it is all the swipes that you will be doing that make this such an in depth racing game. For example if you swipe down and keep your finger on the screen your rider will push down. This makes you go faster and is great for downhill sections. Swiping upwards will make your rider jump which then opens up trick moves like swiping to the side to make you flip.

The real challenge comes in mastering all these and more movie in order to not only beat the track as fast as you can, but also get in as many cool tricks as you can. This is not an easy control scheme to master, but once you do it is so rewarding and the game becomes a blast to play.

There are 40 tracks for you to play in. There are various skill levels, but this is one tough game even the early levels are on the challenging side. But challenging is the perfect word because the game is never unfair.

This is a great racing game it looks and plays great. It feels like a triple A title it really does. But I will say that if you are downloading this game make sure you know this certainly is no pick up and play game and it will require you to put the time in to learn the games complex controls. But I will say that it is oh so worth if. If you have every wanted to be a BMX master, but with out the busted open skin and broken bones then this is the game for you.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store