If you’re interested in Fitbit products, then you should read our overall review on them. If you’re interested in the official Fitbit app, then you can read our review on it here.

Fitbit’s Compatibility


The Fitbit Flex, One, Zip and Aria products are all compatible with a wide range of applications. So if you purchase their products that range from $59.95 to $129.95, you can rest assured that you won’t be limited to just Fitbit’s software. Below you can find a list of the applications that support Fitbit’s trackers and scale.

Lose It!

Lose It! syncs with activities from your Fitbit tracker, and extends your “food budget” based on your extra activities. That means that if you work-out one day, then your food budget will be higher than on other days. You can also sync your meals from Lose it!


This app syncs with Fitbit data measured by your tracker and adjusts your daily net calorie goal.


If you link your Fitbit to your SparkPeople account you can share/sync weight, fitness and sleep data to your profile.

Balance Rewards

If you sync a Fitbit One or Zip tracker to Balance Rewards, you can earn points for walking, running and tracking your weight.

Microsoft HealthVault

Your Fitbit data can be synced with Microsoft HealthVault. HealthVault is a service that lets you track your fitness as well as your family’s.


MapMyRun lets you set goals and track your progress. If you link your account with Fitbit, then all your data will be synced into MapMyRun.


TactioHealth supports multiple users and tracks weight, height, body fat, waist, blood, pressure, pulse, cholesterol and glucose. Fitbit’s data can be synced into TactioHealth.

Many, many more!

There are tons of other apps that Fitbit’s products sync with – click here to see a list of them.  This long list includes:

  • Digitfit
  • Endomondo
  • Tictrac
  • CarePass
  • Beeminder
  • About.me
  • SyncMetrics
  • EveryMove
  • FitDataSync
  • Earndit
  • Foodzy
  • Welly
  • Health Month, the game
  • WeightGrapher
  • Low Battery Notifer
  • FitBolt
  • Sleep Debt
  • Macaw
  • TrendWeight
  • FitKit
  • FitTap
  • Calories 3
  • myKilos
  • MyFitLeague

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