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The Fitbit app is exclusively designed to sync with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. Using it helps you get active, eat better, manage weight and sleep better. The Fitbit app syncs automatically with the Fitbit Flex, One, Zip or Aria. You don’t even have to plug in wires or push buttons. It all happens in the background without creating any headaches for the user.

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In addition to tracking your sleep, weight, and activity levels via accompanying Fitbit products; you can also log food, challenge friends, and set goals for yourself using the Fitbit app. Although the idea behind this app is really great, it doesn’t seem to be rated as a great app. The average rating is two and a half stars by over 2,700 users.

“Worked great for a week, but now it won’t sync via bluetooth to my iphone.” -Close2     

“I am really getting fed up with Fitbit. Everything was fine until about 3 months ago & now it’s only syncing intermittently with my PC or my Ipad. Every time they update software or app it stops working. Time to look for a new company to do business with. Unfortunately I have turned about 75 friends & family on to a useless product. Very disappointed !!!!!” -Eagle7707


Although the products from Fitbit are really high quality, and so is their computer software, it seems as if this app falls short. Hopefully they update it so that the glitches users are experiencing are fixed. This doesn’t mean that Fitbit products aren’t worth buying though. You aren’t limited to the Fitbit app with Fitbit’s products, because they are all compatible with “Lose it,” “Tactiohealth,” “May my Fitness,” “My Fitness Pal,” “Endomondo,” “Spark People” and many more apps.