If you love Twitter, you will love how Siri can help you Tweet and engage with your Twitter following.  Siri will look up what a particular person is tweeting about, search on terms or hashtags for you, and let you know what’s trending and more.

If you want to find out what a particular person is tweeting about, just hold and press the Home Button to activate Siri and ask “What is _______ tweeting about?” Fill in the blank with the name of the person you are curious about, such as “What it Donald Trump tweeting about?” Siri will then bring up all the recent tweets by that person and you can then tap on tweets to learn more or view more details.

To search for a specific term or hashtag on Twitter, activate Siri and say “Search Twitter for _____” and then fill in the blank with the search term or hashtag, such as “Search Twitter for hashtag #Olympics”. This is also how you can find out what’s trending on Twitter, just by asking Siri “What are the top trends on Twitter?”

Having Siri to help you keep up with Twitter on your iPhone will make sure you don’t miss out on tweets or trends from your followers and other Twitter users.