If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish and weren’t able to study in this language in school, or brush up on what you have learned, you can study it from an iPad App!

Duolingo is a free app for iPad and is one of the most popular choices for learning new languages on the go. This app uses what is known as gamification which makes learning a language more of a game than hard work. You can win hearts and go through different levels as you answer questions correctly, or lose them if you answer incorrectly.

Mindsnacks is another iPad app that will help you learn Spanish. You can also learn other languages with this app as well including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese. Mindsnacks uses gamification to make learning fun.  The trial version is free and if you want the entire version, you will need to pay $4.99 for all the lessons for one language, or $19.99 for all languages.

Another popular choice is the Rosetta Course app for iPad. This language learning app is based on the famous Rosetta Stone courses. You can get a free sample, if you want a full language, you need to purchase the computer software and then the app will sync with your computer to offer the full course on your iPad.