If you have Nike iPod, the first thing you will want to do is to enable it by going to your Home screen and choosing the settings window. From that point, tap Settings and scroll down until you see Nike + iPod,  choose that and make sure the on/off switch is turned to on. This will enable your Nike iPod and then you can change the settings to your preference.

The preferences that are available for you to choose from include setting a PowerSong to play when you work out, what voice you want for Spoken Feedback, whether you want imperial or metric distances, and the orientation of your Lock Screen while you work out. You can then set your weight so Nike iPod can calculate how many calories your burn during your workout and set the Remote and Sensor.

To set up the Nike iPod Sensor, go back to the Settings window and tap Sensor and then Sensor Setup Screen. This will walk you through how to setup the sensor. When it is setup, tap Done and you can then put the sensor in your shoe. Make sure that you look for the Nike Plus Logo on the insole of your shoe because that is where you place the sensor. That is easy to do by pulling out the insole, sliding the sensor in and then putting the insole back in your shoe. You are now ready to workout!

To set your workouts, tap the Nike + iPod app on your home screen and choose the type of workout that you want. You can then choose what type of workout you are going to do, if you are going to time your workout, if you have a distance goal and if you have a calorie goal. You can also set up your music and then tap Play to start your workout.