If you live in the US and you’re due for a contract upgrade with your service provider, then you’re in luck.

iPhone 5C Prices are Halved


All across the nation, many consumers are seeing stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, and RadioShack half the price of the iPhone 5C. Instead of $99 with a new contract, these stores are selling it for $45-50.

Walmart is keeping this sale on for the rest of the holiday season. RadioShack’s sale will stop on November 2nd, while Best Buy’s deal was terminated on October 7th.

iPhone 5C – For the Cheap

Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone 5C is not for cheap people. It’s basically just a perfect way for Apple to win. Instead of letting you decide between getting the new iPhone 5S or an older iPhone such as iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, they created their own competition this time. Now your options are iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. Either way Apple wins, and you get to say that you bought the most “recent” iPhone on the market.

Best Buy and Walmart are benefiting from this as well. Since a lot of people don’t get why the iPhone 5S is worth it at $200, you can expect Walmart, Best Buy and Radioshack are profiting from selling iPhone 5C’s for $50. Instead of consumers going to Apple and getting the iPhone 5C for $99 or the iPhone 5S for $199, they can get the 5C for $45-$50 from other retail stores.

If you’re in the US region, then now’s the time to cash in on these great deals!

Quick Note

Although I think the iPhone 5S is worth every single dollar that it costs more than the 5C, I have a surprising revelation to make.

The iPhone 5C feels like it has a higher quality build than the 5S. I am not joking you. I spent $399 on my iPhone 5S 64GB (with a 2 year contract). I know that the 5C is being sold for $45-50 (with a two year contract). With this in mind, as well as the whole notion that the iPhone 5C is plastic and the 5S is plastic, I can tell you for a fact that the 5C *feels* more expensive.


The 5C is heavier and thicker than the iPhone 5 in fact. This heaviness is what makes it feel like such a good build to me. Ever since the iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 transition, I’ve been telling anyone I can that if iPhone makes its next phone thinner I’m not going to be happy.

A thicker and heavier phone, iPhone 5C, may not sound too impressing, but it’s actually a lot nicer than you think. Maybe it’s just me… But I think the colors of the 5C are beautiful and the build is stunning. Even the volume buttons are nicer to press (they are pill shaped instead of circles).