If you have an iPhone with the new Touch ID settings, you can change the setting or add up to five fingerprints by going to Settings, Passcode & Fingerprint. You can opt to turn it off if you would prefer not to use it or choose if you want to use it to access the iTunes and App stores. You can also view the current list of fingerprints, delete them or rename them.

To turn off Touch ID, just turn off the Passcode Unlock and iTunes and App store toggles and then delete all the fingerprints that are listing in the Fingerprint setting. If you want to add new fingerprints, just tap Add a fingerprint button. This is also where you will be able to delete fingerprints if you want to. After you’ve chosen Add to add a new fingerprint, just walk through the prompts until your new fingerprint ID is set up. If you want to rename fingerprints for your Touch ID, tap Edit and then tap on the fingerprint you want to rename.