If you have children, babysit or have a little brother or sister that you want to keep busy, then making sure you have some apps on your iPhone or other iOS device just for them can really help keep them busy and out of trouble. Here are some of the best free apps (Some of them have in app purchases you can choose to buy if you want):

The Endless Alphabet app is a word game to help kids improve their spelling. It works by dragging letters into places and when the word is spelled, monsters explain the definition.

The Comics in the Classroom app is filled with digital comics that teach children history. Along with each of the historically correct and entertaining comics, there are speech bubbles kids can fill in to prove they understood the lesson. Three comics come with the free app and then you have to purchase more if you want them.

The Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior teaches coding to those kids who aspire to be nerds someday. Kids get to build robots using their coding skilles and then battle them in single player mode or against friends.

The Kung Fu Robot app is for a little bit older kids and is a graphic story that has a soundboard and ninja whacking game.

The Kids’ Vocab – Mindsnacks app is geared toward kids who are between seven and twelve  years old. It includes twenty words and phrases designed to help children build their vocabulary. There is only one free game and you have to buy more if you want them.

The Kids Learn Mandarin Beginner app is designed for younger children as young as two, up to about eight years old. It has more than 200 Mandarin words that children can learn through mini games, videos and even texts. The first lesson s free and then the rest can be purchased through in app purchases.

The Kids Learn Spanish with busuu app has thirty lessons and more than 150 Spanish words so children between the ages of four and seven can have a great time learning to speak Spanish. Other busuu apps are available for a variety of other languages such as Italian and French. The first lesson is free and then you can choose to buy more through in app purchases.

The Disney Junior Appisodes app has interactive version of full length television episodes from the Disney Jr. TV channel. There are mini games and other fun activities. If you want to have more than one episode, you need to purchase more through the in app purchase options.