Whether you think you will sell your iPad someday, or just want to keep it in the best shape for your enjoyment, you will want to take some time to maintain it by keeping it clean and protected, optimizing the battery life and avoiding viruses. The first and most obvious way to keep it in good shape is to buy a case for it. The best cases will fit snugly and offer protection against scratches and dents. Then, keeping it clean is as easy as using a soft cloth and just a bit of regular water if needed. Make sure to wring the cloth out so it is barely damp because too much water isn’t good for your iPad.

Keeping your iPad protected and clean will keep the outside of it in good shape. Next, you want to make it runs great too and an important way to do this is to regularly clean out files that you no longer need that are doing nothing more than taking up space. You also want to keep the iOS updated and all you have to do for that is to keep an eye on your Settings icon. If you see a red notification all you have to do is plug your iPad in and start the update. These updates will fix bugs and glitches to keep your iPad in better running condition and protected.

To keep the battery healthy and maximize its life it’s helpful to turn the 3G off when you aren’t using it and keep the brightness of your display down. You can also set your email settings to not check as often as too many push notifications and pings from your iPad will wear it down. Allow your battery to drain down to about 5% as charging it too often or waiting until its completely drained will not help keep it working at its best.

When you take some time to take the best care of your iPad you will get the highest resale value if you choose to sell it to upgrade to new ones when they come out. Also, you will have an iPad that will go the distance for all your work and entertainment needs.