If you just got an iPad and want to set it up to use it the way you want to, then you can adjust the settings in a variety of ways to help it be the perfect tool for work, play and whatever else you want to use it for. To be able to adjust the settings tap on the icon that looks like a gear turning. When you are in settings there will be a variety of choices you can make.

One thing you will be able to do when you are in Settings is add a new email account. Do this by tapping on Mail, Contacts and then Calendar Settings. If you choose to allow your email to be pushed to your iPad, it will take up the battery somewhat, so if you generally check your email on your computer you might choose to not allow that, or to set it to only check for mail occasionally. You can also turn off push notifications for your entire iPad so apps can’t notify you. This will also help save your battery charge.

You can also set up your FaceTime if you want to use that by turning it on or off or adding additional email addresses to the list. You also have choices of how you are able to be reached for FaceTime chats.

While you are in Settings, you might want to adjust your iPad’s screen brightness. You can do that by sliding the brightness to the point you want it at. The lower the setting is for this, the longer your battery will last.

To keep your iPad from changing orientation, turn the side switch to lock the orientation by going into Settings and flip the Side Switch setting from Mute to Lock Rotation. Then instead of using this button to mute the sound of your iPad, just use your volume controls to do that and use the switch to either lock or unlock your screen rotation. Speaking of sound settings, this is another item you can adjust from the EQ settings in the iPod app of your iPad.

As you scroll through the Settings on your iPad you will find that you can adjust just about any type of operation for your iPad, such as setting up the images that display to turning Wi-Fi notification on or off.