If you have a Touch ID on your iPhone, the best way make sure it’s set up correctly is to make sure your entire fingerprint, including the edges are scanned by so the sensor can take the proper information to accurately recognize your fingerprint.  Even if you do set it up correctly, you can have some issues. Here are some of the most common and how to fix them.

If your fingerprint isn’t being recognized, it could be because there is oil from lotion, sweat or other liquid on your finger. Wipe both your Home button and your finger off and allow to dry completely and then the Touch ID should be able to recognize your fingerprint.

Sometime the sequential improvement process in the Touch ID will go off track and cause an error. This process is designed to continually improve the Touch ID to make it faster to track your fingerprint. If this happens, erase the fingerprint and start over again. That will reset the sequential improvement process so it will operate normally again.

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