If you love remote control toys, then you will really enjoy the best remote control toys for your iPad. An all time favorite is BattleTank. It is also one of the most affordable toys at $29.95 and when you buy more than one, you can have battles and even put the tanks in “drone” mode.

iLaunch Thunder is a missile launcher toy that launches actual foam missiles at targets up to 25 feet away. You can pick this up for around $48.99 and there is a free app that comes with it.

The Rover 2.0 Spy Tank is like a remote controlled spy drone that works through your Wi-Fi connection. It is a bit more expensive at around $119, but includes night vision and streams videos you can record. You can also listen to audio and choose whether the headlights are turned on or off.

The Sphero 2.0 is a remote control ball that you can use to play augmented reality games or just play with it in the back yard. It costs around $129 and has LED multicolor lights and you can get different covers or grippers for it.

If you can never afford a top of the line sports car to drive around town, you can get a remote control version and the Silverlit Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG just might be the perfect choice for you. While the real car costs almost a quarter of a million dollars, the remote version costs around $129.

The Anki Drive is another cool little race remote control toy. This one comes with a mat for racing and you get two car to race against each other. The cost for this one is $199.

If you prefer flying objects, the AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition quad copter has a 720p HD camera with a 92 degree wide-angle lens and storage capabilities for shooting images and video from in flight. This remote control toy for your iPhone costs around $399.