hidden objectsFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: TeamLava

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Hidden object games are one genre that in theory you would think would be clogging up the iOS like nothing else. I mean the iPad especially is ideal for games like this. And while there are a few many of them I found boring as hell. But this one from TeamLava has the reputation as being the very best in the hidden object genre.

This is a very nice looking game it has a kind of Sherlock Homes vibe going on. The game has a really interesting story that got me very into the game. The basic idea is that you are from a wealthy family and you receive news that your mother has gone missing. You head back to the state to put your detective skills to the test to try and find your missing mother. One of the reason I find games like this boring is because of the lack of a good story, but the one hear is pretty good. If you like mysteries I am sure you will be into it.

Now as far as the game play goes. It is what it is a hidden object game. You will need to use your skills in order to fin clues in the various screens. There are literally hundreds of different things for you to find. I put quite a bit of time into this game and I have not come anywhere close to finding everything. You can also use the items you find to spruce up your families estate. Now if I am honest this is not my cup of tea, but I am sure its a great little addition/distraction for some people. In all the game play is actually really fun. It is very hard, but that is what these types of games are supposed to be like.

Now TeamLava in every press release I have read about this game have gone above and beyond with making sure people know this is a free game. I may be a little cynical, but to me that fact they kept going on about it made me a little unsure. And it turns out I was right to be. Now let me say this is a very high quality game and it is free to download. But the game is timed and when you run out of “focus” its game over until it fills back up or unless your buy some more from the in app store. Now the game never forces you to do this let me say that, but I ran out of focus very quickly each time I played this.

This is a great hidden object game. It has a gripping and intriguing story and it is very challenging, but if you want to be able to sit down for a few hours and play this then you will have to pay. This is such a shame and I wish some developers would give us the option of say paying ten bucks and that is it to play as much as we like. Because honestly ten bucks for a game like this would be a great deal. I still say download this and give it a try. Just be warned that when you really get into it chances are you will need to pay more to carry on.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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