ghostbustersFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Beeline Interactive

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As a kid of the 80’s there are certain things that I think I am legally required to love and one of those is Ghostbusters. Seriously how can you not love Ghostbusters? Sadly this is a series that has seen more bad games than good. But no mater what when I hear of a Ghostbusters game you bet your butt I will give it a chance. And I am sure most other fans are like this as well.

Presentation wise Beeline Interactive have done a great job in capturing Ghostbusters. I love the art style that was used. I think that it manages to capture both the movies and the animated series The Real Ghostbusters as well. I will say though it does lean more to the cartoon than the movies. So if you are expecting a realistic recreation of what you saw in the movies you may be disappointed.

The sound in the game is awesome however. It has the Ghostbusters theme (you know the one) and it really does get you pumped up for playing the game. Also some of the other music is lifted directly from the movies as well. The sound really does capture the Ghostbusters movies really well. And I think makes up for the cartoon style visuals.
So what about the game play. A game about the Ghostbusters has to be some kind of 3rd person adventure game right? Well not exactly. The idea here is that you need to build a team of Ghostbusters to tackle the problem the city has with its ghosts.

You may think this is all about just going our there and capturing ghosts, but that is not the case as well as catching ghosts to make money. You are also required to make sure that your Ghostbusters HQ is running nice and smoothly. The Ghostbusters HQ is really cool. Here you can do some research on different ghosts. Upgrade your proton pack beams and even sort out your team of Ghostbusters. In short there is a ton of stuff to do even if you take away the actual Ghostbusting.

You are required to do missions on the map of New York city in order to move the story along. Each mission you do will level you up a little bit. Pretty much everything in this game revolves around energy points. Want to upgrade something? Well you either wait for ages or you can use some energy points. One really cool thing is that you can add the actual Ghostbusters but they cost a ton of energy points. But do not worry because you can buy energy points from the in game store with your real money.

Ghostbusters is a very ambitious game. And I am very impressed with what they tried to do. But as crazy as this sounds. There is just to much to do. Far to many little things and not enough busting ghosts for my liking. Now this this only my opinion, but a game like Ghostbusters would be much more suited to a more action orientated game. The actual catching of the ghosts is a lot of fun, but there just was not enough of it for my liking.

If you love Ghostbusters then I suggest you give this a try. It does capture the feel of Ghostbusters on a presentational level, but there is just something a little off about the game play for me. Still its at the very least worth a try.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store