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Here are the answers for the Einn Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos NikeNike
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded this company
This company got its start designing running shoes
Just Do It
Badly Drawn Logos,, Inc.
This company was started by Jeff Bezos in 1995
This e-commerce company is based in Seattle, Washington
It shares a name with a river in South America
Badly Drawn Logos FacebookFacebook
You might LIKE this social networking company
Jesse Eisenberg played this company’s co-founder in a 2010 film
In 2004, this social networking site was launched
Badly Drawn Logos Jamba JuiceJamba Juice
Thirsty? They can help you out.
Get a Cold Buster booster when you order one of their beverages
Headquartered in California, this chain is known for smoothies
Badly Drawn Logos BarclaysBarclays
This company is headquartered in London
They launched the UK’s first credit card
The Premier League is sponsored by them
Badly Drawn Logos Société BicSociété Bic
Known for making disposable products, they’re based in Clichy, France
Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard started this company in the ’40s
They make pens, razors and lighters
Badly Drawn Logos AdidasAdidas
This brand is often associated with three stripes
Adolf Dassler founded the company, which is named after him
This sneaker company acquired Reebok in 2006
Badly Drawn Logos Deutsche TelekomDeutsche Telekom
It’s a German telecommunications company
Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared in several commercials for this company
You might associate this logo with a cell phone provider or its parent company
Badly Drawn Logos Dominos PizzaDominos Pizza
This food franchise started in 1960
Their focus is pizza delivery
This company shares a name with a game played with dotted tiles
Badly Drawn Logos DreamWorks SKGDreamWorks SKG
This film studio was started in 1994
Steven Spielberg is one of this company’s founders
Their films include ‘Shrek’ and ‘American Beauty’
Badly Drawn Logos Deere & CompanyDeere & Company
A man named John founded this company in Illinois in 1837
They’re known for their tractors and harvesters
You can find deer in their logo and their name
Badly Drawn Logos Hilton Hotels Corp.Hilton Hotels Corp.
The founder, Conrad, opened the first one in 1919
This company is in the hospitality industry
An infamous celebrity named Paris is related to the founder
Badly Drawn Logos Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
Microsoft developed this product
This web browser was first released with Windows 95
It’s often abbreviated ‘IE’
Badly Drawn Logos LacosteLacoste
A French tennis player founded this company
The founder’s nickname was ‘the Crocodile,’ which explains the logo
Scrambled, this clothing brand is ‘COSLATE’
Badly Drawn Logos McDonald's CorporationMcDonald’s Corporation
In the past, they loved to see you smile
This fast food restaurant has a charity named for its mascot
It’s famous for the Big Mac sandwich
Badly Drawn Logos DirecTVDirecTV
Over 30 million people subscribe to this company’s service
They provide satellite television
It is a competitor of Dish Network and also begins with a ‘D’
Badly Drawn Logos GatoradeGatorade
It was originally developed and named for a University of Florida team
This ‘Thirst Quencher’ is owned by PepsiCo
It is the official drink of the NFL and many other sporting organizations
Badly Drawn Logos Marriott InternationalMarriott International
This company is in the hospitality industry
Originally running a root beer stand, the founders shifted their focus in 1957
Now known as a hotel, they own several other lodging brands
Badly Drawn Logos OpelOpel
This German auto company was founded in 1862
Although spelled differently, the name sounds like a type of gemstone
It is named for its founder, whose initials are ‘A.O.’
Badly Drawn Logos StarbucksStarbucks
They have over 17,000 stores in 55 countries
It’s first location opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market
This company is known for coffee
Badly Drawn Logos Sun MicrosystemsSun Microsystems
Founded in 1982, this company dealt with computers
It was bought by Oracle Corporation in 2010
It shares part of its name with the biggest star in our solar system
Badly Drawn Logos TexacoTexaco
Its logo is visible from the highway
This company merged with Chevron in 2001
The longer form of its name is ‘The Texas Company’
Badly Drawn Logos The Boeing CompanyThe Boeing Company
This company has commercial and government defense projects
Its headquarters moved from Seattle to Chicago in 2001
Its most famous product is the 747 airliner
Badly Drawn Logos Vauxhall MotorsVauxhall Motors
It’s a subsidiary of General Motors
This is the second-largest selling car brand in the UK
Scrambled, it’s ‘AXVALLUH’
Badly Drawn Logos Virgin GroupVirgin Group
The first record shop under this name opened in London in 1971
Richard Branson founded this company
This brand has invested in many ventures, including a record label and an airline
Badly Drawn Logos Master CardMaster Card
Their ads were ‘priceless’
It’s a credit and debit card brand
It was originally called ‘Master Charge’
Badly Drawn Logos QantasQantas
They redesigned their flying kangaroo logo in 2007
It’s an Australian airline
It was founded as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services
Badly Drawn Logos World Wildlife FundWorld Wildlife Fund
This fundraising organization works with conservation groups
You can symbolically adopt a panda or tiger through them
Its acronym may remind you of the World Wrestling Federation
Badly Drawn Logos Atari Inc.Atari Inc.
This gaming company was founded in 1972
They consider themselves the original innovator of video gaming
Pong and Asteroids are some of the games they’ve created
Badly Drawn Logos Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills
This logo represents a sports team
They lost 4 Super Bowls in a row
Their cheerleaders are called the Buffalo Jills
Badly Drawn Logos Comedy CentralComedy Central
A merger involving a network called ‘Ha!’ resulted in this TV channel
Earlier versions of its logo showed a globe with buildings on top
This channel airs shows like ‘South Park’ and ‘The Daily Show’
Badly Drawn Logos General MillsGeneral Mills
A merging of several mills in the 1920s resulted in this corporation
This food company sponsored ‘The Lone Ranger’ radio show in 1941
Their cereal brands include Cheerios and Chex
Badly Drawn Logos PringlesPringles
This product is known for it’s tubular packaging
These come in many flavors, from barbeque to blueberry and hazelnut
This brand produces stackable chips
Badly Drawn Logos TwitterTwitter
Chances are that your favorite celebrity has an account
The hashtag trend originated from this website
You would use this to ‘tweet’
Badly Drawn Logos VolvoVolvo
It’s a Swedish company
Edward Cullen drives one of these cars in the ‘Twilight’ films
This brand name means ‘I roll’ in Latin
Badly Drawn Logos Rockstar Energy DrinkRockstar Energy Drink
This brand is based in Las Vegas, where you might need it
You can get the original, sugar-free, or recovery type of this beverage
It’s a popular energy drink
Badly Drawn Logos Yahoo Inc.Yahoo Inc.
This company has a lot of enthusiasm
Founded in 1994, it’s one of the most popular sites in the US
When its search engine brings up results, you might shout its name
Badly Drawn Logos Bank of AmericaBank of America
This US company acquired Merrill Lynch in 2009
It’s a major financial institution
This bank seems proud to be an American
Badly Drawn Logos Delta AirlinesDelta Airlines
It was Huff Daland Dusters until C.E. Woolman bought it
They offer a loyalty program called SkyMiles
It’s a major US airline headquartered in Georgia
Badly Drawn Logos LogitechLogitech
They specialize in computer accessories
This Swiss company released their first product, a computer mouse, in 1981
L_g_ _ _ch

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