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Badly Drawn Logos Answers / Solutions


Here are the answers for the Tveir Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos AcuraAcura
It debuted the Legend and Integra in 1986
It’s a division of Honda Motor Co.
It’s now known for luxury cars like the MDX, TL and RSX
Badly Drawn Logos AirbusAirbus
They’re owned by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
Air France and Lufthansa became their first customers in the early ’70s
A Boeing competitor, they’ve manufactured the A380 and A320 aircrafts
Badly Drawn Logos Aston Villa F.C.Aston Villa F.C.
This club was founded in 1874 and is also known as the Lions
It’s a football club in the Premier League
Their home stadium is Villa Park in Birmingham
Badly Drawn Logos BuickBuick
It’s a brand of General Motors
This is the oldest active car company in America
Its models include the Regal, LaCrosse and Roadmaster
Badly Drawn Logos JPMorgan Chase BankJPMorgan Chase Bank
This logo represents a major US financial institution
They acquired Washington Mutual in 2008
You’ll often hear it along with the name ‘JPMorgan’
Badly Drawn Logos Cleveland IndiansCleveland Indians
Terry Francona is the manager and Chris Antonetti is the general manager
Earl Averill, Larry Doby and Bob Lemon played for this team
This baseball team is based in Cleveland, Ohio
Badly Drawn Logos GuinnessGuinness
For a perfect pint, you’ll use a two-part pour
This beverage originated in Ireland
This popular beer shares a name with a book of world records
Badly Drawn Logos Honda Motor CompanyHonda Motor Company
This company is publically traded under the symbol HMC
It’s a Japanese motor company
This brand’s car models include the Accord and Civic
Badly Drawn Logos Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers
Reggie Miller played on this team
Their name comes from the state’s history with horse and car racing
This NBA team is based in Indianapolis, Indiana
Badly Drawn Logos InfinitiInfiniti
This brand might be around forever
They’re a luxury division of Nissan
The letter ‘I’ is found four times in this car brand’s name
Badly Drawn Logos KangolKangol
Jacques Spreiregen started this hat brand in 1938
This company’s berets were worn by the British army in WWII
The founder used letters from ‘knitting,’ ‘angora’ and ‘wool’ to name this company
Badly Drawn Logos Lufthansa German AirlinesLufthansa German Airlines
This German company originated in 1926 but re-launched in 1954
This airline’s name contains the German word for ‘air’
Scrambled, it’s ‘SHAFTLUNA’
Badly Drawn Logos Malibu RumMalibu Rum
You might use their product at a party or a bar
It shares its name with a beach city in California
This logo is associated with a brand of coconut rum
Badly Drawn Logos Mazda Motor Corp.Mazda Motor Corp.
This Japanese company’s original name was Toyo Cork Kogyo
They’re an auto manufacturer
Their tagline is ‘Zoom-Zoom’
Badly Drawn Logos PlayboyPlayboy
They opened their first club in Chicago in 1960
Marilyn Monroe was on the cover of their first magazine
Hugh Hefner is the founder
Badly Drawn Logos WikipediaWikipedia
This company has contributors worldwide
School teachers don’t trust this website as a verifiable source
Its name is a combination of ‘wiki’ and ‘encyclopedia’
Badly Drawn Logos AlcoaAlcoa
This company supports the UN’s Millennium Development Goals
Founded in 1888, this company produces aluminum
It’s an acronym for ‘Aluminum Company of America’
Badly Drawn Logos NvidiaNvidia
Some of their products include the Quadro and the Tegra
They helped create the game consoles for XBox and Playstation 3
They’re best known for their graphic processing units (GPUs)
Badly Drawn Logos Oil of OlayOil of Olay
This brand is currently owned by Proctor & Gamble
The original facial cream was created by a man for his wife
Its name is also sung as an anthem at soccer matches
Badly Drawn Logos Pabst Blue RibbonPabst Blue Ribbon
This company has won many awards throughout their history
This company’s original brewery was in Milwaukee, WI
Despite the blue ribbon, many don’t see it as a classy beer
Badly Drawn Logos RolexRolex
This company helps men and women accessorize
Founded in London in 1905, they moved to Geneva in 1915
They’re known for their high quality wristwatches
Badly Drawn Logos Russell BrandsRussell Brands
This company is known for sporting goods
They own the brands Spalding, JERZEES, and Bike
This company shares a first name with actors Brand and Crowe
Badly Drawn Logos Shell GasolineShell Gasoline
Energy is a main focus for this company
48% of their production is natural gas
They sell gasoline, not seashells
Badly Drawn Logos Baskin RobbinsBaskin Robbins
This company lets customers sample before they buy
It’s also known by its advertising slogan ’31 Flavors’
This company has nothing to do with sun-bathing birds
Badly Drawn Logos BPBP
A discovery in Persia (modern day Iran) brought them success
In 2010, the company had a spill in the Gulf of Mexico
This oil company is based in the United Kingdom
Badly Drawn Logos AndroidAndroid
Google owns this mobile platform
Versions have been given names like ‘Cupcake’ and ‘Jelly Bean’
It is also a word for a robot with human features
Badly Drawn Logos DellDell
This corporation specializes in computer technology
A character in their past ads said, ‘Dude, you’re getting’ one of them
This 4-letter company is named for its founder
Badly Drawn Logos You TubeYou Tube
This website was founded in 2005
The first posting was called ‘Me at the zoo’
It allows people to watch and share videos
Badly Drawn Logos Best BuyBest Buy
They can send out the Geek Squad for you
The first store opened in 1966 and was called ‘Sound of Music’
Employees in blue shirts specialize in selling consumer electronics
Badly Drawn Logos CliniqueClinique
They market their skin care products as the ‘Three-Step System’
They’re an Estee Lauder brand
Scrambled, it’s ‘NICEQUIL’
Badly Drawn Logos Krispy KremeKrispy Kreme
They’re famous for their ‘Original Glazed’ product
Vernon Rudolph sold the first doughnut in 1937
It rhymes with ‘wispy dream’
Badly Drawn Logos NBCNBC
This TV broadcaster started as a radio network
It is sometimes called ‘The Peacock Network’
They air ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘The Office’
Badly Drawn Logos PlaystationPlaystation
They use a green triangle, red circle, blue cross and pink square
There are several versions of this Sony product
It’s a popular video game console
Badly Drawn Logos SamsoniteSamsonite
This company’s slogan is ‘Ready for Anywhere.’
They’re known for making luggage
The Shwayder Brothers started this brand, which also starts with ‘S’
Badly Drawn Logos Firestone TiresFirestone Tires
This company’s founder was friends with Henry Ford
Bridgestone bought this tire company in 1988
A synonym of its name would be ‘heat rock’
Badly Drawn Logos Fruit of the LoomFruit of the Loom
It began in 1851 as a cotton and textiles mill
Its main competition is Hanes and Jockey
They offer options such as boxers, briefs, and bikinis
Badly Drawn Logos Jimmy John'sJimmy John’s
Their clubs are for eating, not dancing
A trademark of this sandwich franchise is their fast service
This company was founded by Jimmy John Liautaud
Badly Drawn Logos KodakKodak
Their original slogan was ‘you press the button, we do the rest’
80 Oscar-winning Best Pictures have been shot on their film
It sounds like ‘code ack’
Badly Drawn Logos Adobe Systems Inc.Adobe Systems Inc.
This company was founded in 1982 after its founders left Xerox
This software company is based in San Jose, California
Its products include Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat
Badly Drawn Logos Avery Dennison CorporationAvery Dennison Corporation
This company’s founder created the first labeling machine
First focusing on adhesives, they now offer many office products
Their New York Stock Exchange symbol is ‘AVY’