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Here are the answers for Plankton Pad in the Badly Drawn Faces game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Faces GromitGromit
He enjoys reading the newspaper, cooking, and knitting
This character is from a stop motion clay animation film series
He’s the intelligent canine companion to Wallace
“No crackers, Gromit! We’ve forgotten the crackers!”
Badly Drawn Faces Borat SagdiyevBorat Sagdiyev
This guy was created and portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen
He’s a journalist from Kazakhstan
He travels across the US in a self-titled mockumentary
“Come to Kazakhstan, it’s nice!”
Badly Drawn Faces John LennonJohn Lennon
This English lad is known for his music
Sadly, he was shot and killed in 1980
I’ve heard he was a member of the Beatles
“I am the Walrus”
Badly Drawn Faces Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob Squarepants
He’s got a pet snail named Gary
He has his own Nickelodeon show
He lives in a pineapple under the sea
“Oh, tartar sauce”
Badly Drawn Faces ZiggyZiggy
Like me, this comic strip character doesn’t wear pants
Brian, on “Family Guy”, has a tattoo of him
Not sure if this helps, but he’s not zaggy
“See you in the funny papers!”
Badly Drawn Faces PredatorPredator
He is a character in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film
This extraterrestrial creature hunts down victims in Central America
He took on Alien in two films
“Prey for me”
Badly Drawn Faces Jack SkellingtonJack Skellington
He wears a pinstripe suit
He’s the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town
This character is in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
“No, Zero. Down, boy!”
Badly Drawn Faces Frank ZappaFrank Zappa
He released his debut album “Freak Out!” in 1966
Moon Unit, Diva, Ahmet, and Dweezil are his children
F _ _ _ _ Z _ _ _ _
“Don’t you eat that yellow snow”
Badly Drawn Faces Mr PeanutMr Peanut
This monocle-wearing character appeared in his first commercial in the 1950s
This nutty figure represents trail mix, cashews, and other roasted snacks
He is the mascot for a “nutty” snack-food company
“Two peanuts were walking down the road at night. One was a-salted.”
Badly Drawn Faces WoodyWoody
He’s a sheriff
This toy belongs to a boy named Andy
He’s a lead character in “Toy Story”
“There’s a snake in my boot!”
Badly Drawn Faces Ned FlandersNed Flanders
This TV show character often adds “diddly” and “doodly” to words
He’s a very religious resident of Springfield
He lives next door to the Simpsons with his sons, Rod and Todd
“Gosh darn it! Am i that pre-diddly-ictable?”
Badly Drawn Faces LegolasLegolas
He’s an elf from the Woodland Realm, a place I know nothing about
Orlando Bloom did make for a handsome elf as this character
He’s a member of the Fellowship of the ring
“A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night.”
Badly Drawn Faces Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne
He’s a heavy metal musician from England
Me once bit the head off of a dove
He was known as the lead singer of Black Sabbath
“What’s @*#%ing evil about a buttload of @*#%ing bubbles?!”
Badly Drawn Faces Edward ScissorhandsEdward Scissorhands
He’s good at cutting hair, grooming pets, and sculpting plants and ice
An inventor created him but failed to give him proper human hands
Johnny Depp plays this character and stars alongside Winona Ryder
“You wanna play scissors, paper, stone again?”
Badly Drawn Faces Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix
This musician was born in Seattle, Washington
He was highly regarded for his electric guitar skills
His songs include “Purple Haze” and “Foxy Lady”
“No reason to get excited, but you’re doing great”
Badly Drawn Faces Hulk HoganHulk Hogan
His birth name is Terry Gene Bollea
He’s won multiple WWF titles
According to his reality TV show, he “knows best”
“Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you?”
Badly Drawn Faces BertBert
We have similar interests: pigeons, boring stories, and the letter “W”
He lives in a basement apartment at 123 Sesame Street
He’s Ernie’s best friend
“Argyle socks are the greatest”
Badly Drawn Faces Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
He published “Poor Richard’s Almanac”
This Boston-born man signed the Declaration of Independence
His interest in electricity prompted him to fly a kite
“He that lieth down with dogs, shall rise up with fleas”
Badly Drawn Faces Steve UrkelSteve Urkel
He usually wore high-water pants and suspenders (Ha! I’ll show him high-water!)
Jaleel White’s best-known role
He was a nerdy character on “Family Matters”
“Did I do that?”
Badly Drawn Faces Dalai LamaDalai Lama
He’s the spiritual leader of Tibetan people
You could also refer to him as “His Holiness”
D _ _ _ _ L _ _ _
“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”
Badly Drawn Faces SlashSlash
He was runner up in Time magazine’s list of greatest electric guitar players
This is a former lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses
His name rhymes with “flash”
“Sweet Child O’ Mine!!”
Badly Drawn Faces Jake BluesJake Blues
After leaving prison, he tried to raise money for the Catholic home he grew up in
Dan Ackroyd portrays his brother, Elwood
He and Elwood restart their band in a 1980 film
“We’re on a mission from God”
Badly Drawn Faces Ash KetchumAsh Ketchum
He travels around with Pikachu
His goal is to be a Pokemon Master
A _ H K _ _ _ _ _ M
“Gotta catch ’em all!”
Badly Drawn Faces WolverineWolverine
He has very sharp senses, like a wild animal
He’s Marvel Comics superhero
He’s got long retracting claws on his hands
“I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice”
Badly Drawn Faces Bugs BunnyBugs Bunny
He is a Warner Brothers character
Some may call him a wascally wabbit
Elmer Fudd unsuccessfully hunts him
“Eh…what’s up doc?”
Badly Drawn Faces MorpheusMorpheus
This captain of the Nebuchadnezzar found The One
He shares a name with Greek mythology’s god of dreams
Laurence Fishburne plays him in “The Matrix”
“I’m trying to free your mind”
Badly Drawn Faces Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski
His girlfriend, Celia, is a receptionist at the company he works for
He works at Monsters, Inc.
He assists his friend, Sulley, in their goal to be top scarers
“Put that thing back where it came from or so help me…”
Badly Drawn Faces Jay LenoJay Leno
This comedian has a passion for cars and motorcycles
He’s a late night talk show host
He was once a substitute host for Johnny Carson
“Leading with my chin”
Badly Drawn Faces JawsJaws
It was first seen in a 1975 film (I feel like I see these every day)
Quint is eaten alive by this creature
It’s a shark from a movie…
“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”
Badly Drawn Faces Condoleezza RiceCondoleezza Rice
Time magazine has named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people
She became Secretary of State in 2004
Her last name is a type of grain (think: white, brown, pilaf, fried)
“Education is transformational. It changes lives.”
Badly Drawn Faces HellboyHellboy
The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense raised him
Despite his devilish name, he’s well-meaning
This is a comic book character from Dark Horse Comics
“Aw, crap”
Badly Drawn Faces Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha
He’s an enlightened one
His teachings are the basis of a religion and philosophy
He spent a lot of time meditating under a Bodhi tree
“Look within. Thou art the Buddha.”
Badly Drawn Faces Eric CartmanEric Cartman
His friends are Stan, Kyle, and Kenny
Trey Parker voices this animated character
He’s one of the primary characters from the TV series “South Park”
“Respect my authoritah!”
Badly Drawn Faces RobocopRobocop
It’s the reconstrcted body of Alex Murphy
He fights crime in Detroit in a 1987 film
He’s a police officer combined with a robot
“Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement.”
Badly Drawn Faces GoofyGoofy
Walt Disney Productions created him
He’s a good friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
Appropriately named, he’s a rather clumsy dog
Badly Drawn Faces Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone
This prehistoric guy works as a bronto-crane operator
Lives with his wife, Wilma, and daughter, Pebbles
This cartoon characters is a resident of Bedrock
“What kinda yabba dabba doodle is this?”
Badly Drawn Faces Dwight SchruteDwight Schrute
He is a former Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff’s deputy
He works at Dunder Mifflin
He’s a character on NBC’s “The Office”
“Schrutes are farmers by hobby, but traders by trade”
Badly Drawn Faces Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock
He’s known for directing and producing psychological thrillers
He often makes background appearances in his films
His films include “Psycho” and “The Birds”
“Gooood evening”
Badly Drawn Faces Oliver HardyOliver Hardy
This American comic actor was nichnamed “Babe”
He partnered with Stan Laurel for his comedy routines
O _ _ _ _ R H _ _ _ Y
“Here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into”
Badly Drawn Faces Freddy KruegerFreddy Krueger
This guy kills innocent people in Springwood, Ohio
He wears gloves with razor blades attached
He made Elm Street a real nightmare
“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you”

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