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Here are the answers for Krill Pad in the Badly Drawn Faces game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Faces Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin
He frequently used mime and slapstick comedy
Known for his work in silent films (my favorite – I don’t have ears!)
His name rhymes with “barley baplin”
“A man of few words:”
Badly Drawn Faces Betty BoopBetty Boop
This flirtatious cartoon character first made her debut in 1930
She has dark hair and often wears a red dress
She’s a cartoon character created by Max Fleischer
“Boop boop be doop!”
Badly Drawn Faces Iron ManIron Man
This Marvel Comics superhero wears an armored suit
He is the President and CEO of Stark Industries
Robert Downey Jr. portrayed him in films
“Iron Man. That’s kind of catchy. It’s got a nice ring to it.”
Badly Drawn Faces Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
This man won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
He was a South African politician
He served 27 years in prison (that’s about half my lifespan!)
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
Badly Drawn Faces King TutankhamunKing Tutankhamun
This is an Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty
His tomb was discovered in 1922
His name rhymes with “wing butt”
“I want my mummy”
Badly Drawn Faces George W BushGeorge W Bush
This politician was born in Connecticut,but raised in Texas
His father was the 41st President of the United States
He was the 43rd President of the United States
“I hear there’s rumors on the internets”
Badly Drawn Faces Elton JohnElton John
This “Sir” was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight
He won a Grammy for “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”
E _ _ _ N J _ _ N
“Can you feel the love tonight?”
Badly Drawn Faces Captain Jack SparrowCaptain Jack Sparrow
He shares his name with a type of bird
Johnny Depp portrayed him
He’s a main character in “Pirates of the Caribbean”
“A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around!”
Badly Drawn Faces Gandalf The GreyGandalf The Grey
This wizard was sent to Middle-Earth
He leads a Fellowship
He provides wisdom to Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings”
“You shall not pass!”
Badly Drawn Faces GollumGollum
J.R.R. Tolkien created this character
In the Lord of the Rings movies, he was voiced and performed by Andy Serkis
He’s searching for his Precious
“Sneaky little hobbitses.”
Badly Drawn Faces Ms FrizzleMs Frizzle
This unique teacher is often with the class lizard, Liz
She likes to take tield trips through digestive systems and solar systems
She drives her class around on “The Magic School Bus”
“Come on bus, do your stuff!”
Badly Drawn Faces YodaYoda
Frank Oz provided his voice in the Star Wars films
He was the Grand Master of the Jedi Council
He teaches Luke Skywalker about the Force
“Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm?”
Badly Drawn Faces Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert
He wrote a NY Times Bestseller called “I AM AMERICA” (And So Can You)
He hosts his award winning show on Comedy Central
He was a correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” from 1997-2005
“If I had a dime for every time that I was wrong, I’d be broke”
Badly Drawn Faces Che GuevaraChe Guevara
He was born in Argentina in 1928
Known as a revolutionary and guerrilla leader
He went on a really long motorcycle ride
“iHasta la victoria siempre!”
Badly Drawn Faces Jerry GarciaJerry Garcia
He’s an iconic American guitarist
He inspired the name of a cherry-based Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor
He was a member of the Grateful Dead
“Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil”
Badly Drawn Faces Sonic The HedgehogSonic The Hedgehog
It’s a blue videogame character
He uses his speed and ability to curl into a ball as his methods of attack
He shares a name with a drive-in fast food restaurant
“Spin attack!”
Badly Drawn Faces WaldoWaldo
He usually hangs out in crowded places where he’s difficult to spot
People look for him in books
His favorite accessory is a red and white hat
“Wally Wally oxen free!”
Badly Drawn Faces Harry PotterHarry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe played him in a movie
Some of his friends are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
He’s the main protagonist from a series wirtten by J. K. Rowling
“ascendio furnunculus locomotor mortis”
Badly Drawn Faces Spider ManSpider Man
This is a Marvel Comics superhero
He can shoot webs out of his wrists
A radioactive spider bit him (we don’t have those in the ocean)
“With great power comes great responsibility”
Badly Drawn Faces Donkey KongDonkey Kong
This is a video game character
He was mario’s first enemy
Although his name suggests otherwise, he is a gorilla
“It’s on like Donkey Kong”
Badly Drawn Faces Dr EvilDr Evil
This film character has a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth and a son named Scott
There is a miniature version of this villain
Austin Powers is his enemy
“I didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called MISTER”
Badly Drawn Faces Fidel CastroFidel Castro
This guy has been a Prime Minister and a President
He led a communist revolution in Cuba
He’s often seen smoking a cigar, something his country is known for
“Cigar, anyone!”
Badly Drawn Faces ZorroZorro
He’s also known as Don Diego de la Vega
His name means “fox” in Spanish
He likes to leave his trademark “Z” with his sword
“You have passion, Alejandro, and y our skill is growing”
Badly Drawn Faces Mark TwainMark Twain
This American author is known by his pen name
His birth name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens
He wrote “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
“When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear”
Badly Drawn Faces Howard SternHoward Stern
He’s described himself as the “King of All Media”
His book, “Private Parts”, made the New York Times Best-Seller list
In 2012, he joined the judging panel on “America’s Got Talent”
“Never before has a man done so much with so little”
Badly Drawn Faces Lebron JamesLebron James
He was the 2004 NBA Rookie of the Year
He’s played for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat
He’s a three-time NBA MVP
“LeBron stays humble just by being LeBron”
Badly Drawn Faces Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood
This actor and director served as mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea in California
This “Dirty Marry” title character started acting in 1955
His recent films include “Million Dollar Baby” and “Gran Torino”
“Do ya feel lucky punk!?”
Badly Drawn Faces Woody AllenWoody Allen
This filmmaker had a relationship with Mia Farrow
He’s currently married to his ex-lover’s daughter…huh?
He directed “Annie Hall” and “Match Point”
“Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach gym.”
Badly Drawn Faces Mr SpockMr Spock
Fictional officer born in 2230
He works aboard the Starship Enterprise
He is part human, part Vulcan
“Live long and prosper”
Badly Drawn Faces Michael JacksonMichael Jackson
He’s an iconic musician and entertainer
He died in 2009
Tito, La Toya, and Janet are some of his siblings
“Don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts”
Badly Drawn Faces David BowieDavid Bowie
He played Jareth, the Goblin King, in the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth
He is an English musician, actor, and record producer
He collaborated with Queen on the song “Under Pressure”
“Dance, magic, dance”
Badly Drawn Faces Groucho MarxGroucho Marx
This comedic actor’s career spanned from the ’20s to the ’70s
He inspired costume glasses featuring his eyebrows and mustache
He was in several films with his brothers, Chico and Harpo
“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit files like a banana.”
Badly Drawn Faces Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
Her real name is Norma Jeane Mortenson
She was an American sex symbol
She starred in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “The Seven Year Itch”
“Inviting my best friend (diamonds) over to watch ‘Smash'”
Badly Drawn Faces XenomorphXenomorph
It’s a character in a 1979 sci-fi horror film
It’s the enemy of Sigourney Weaver’s character
It took on Predator in two films
“In space, no one can hear you type”
Badly Drawn Faces Jack In The BoxJack In The Box
This figure represents the first chain restaurant to feature a ddrive-through
He’s named after a startling children’s toy
_ _ _ _ in the _ _ _
“We don’t draw it until you order it! Just kidding – we draw it way before”
Badly Drawn Faces Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi
He was assassinated in 1948
He helped bring India to independence
He was known for non-violent forms of protest
“We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.”
Badly Drawn Faces Uncle SamUncle Sam
He’s a personification of the United States
He wants you for US Army
Even if you aren’t related, you might call him Uncle
“I want YOU to draw me better”
Badly Drawn Faces Gene SimmonsGene Simmons
I guess it’s his crazy stage makeup and tongue that make him stand out
I think this guy is from that band Kiss
He shares a last name with a fitness personality named Richard
“I lost my mind in Detroit Rock City”
Badly Drawn Faces Kool Aid ManKool Aid Man
Time magazine named him one of the Top 10 Creepiest Product Mascots
He represents some flavored drink mix that I’ve never tried before
It’s the opposite of a hot hindrance
“Oh, yeah!”
Badly Drawn Faces GarfieldGarfield
Jim Davis created this feline for his comic strip
He finds his housemate, Odie, a bit obnoxious
He’s a cynical orange tabby cat
“I am hungry. Therefore I am.”

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