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Angry Birds is such a huge hit that to be honest Rovio could have gotten away with just re-releasing the same game over and over again and I am sure that people would have still bought it. Anyway good job Rovio are a developer who like to always improve. And that is what they did with Angry Birds Space. This is the free version of the hit iOS title and it offers a great little taste of what Angry Birds Space is all about.

I love the art style of Angry Birds Space. It still has all your favourite birds from the other games and it still does have the same kind art style that makes the game instantly recognisable as a Angry Birds game, but there is one big difference. All the birds have been given a awesome sci-fi style make over. Being a bit of a sci-fi geek I absolutely loved this and as I write this I have a collection of little Angry Birds Space toys on the shelf in my office. The biggest addition to the roster is the Blue Alien Bird who can freeze things.

What is cool about Angry Birds Space is that  Rovio easily could have just changed the looks of the game and left it at that. But the space setting is more than just a change in the art direction of Angry Birds. It actually has changed the game play and changed it quite a bit to be honest.

Now the idea is still the same you need to use a slingshot to fire your Angry Bird and try and take down those pesky pigs that just keep on stealing your eggs. The big difference in the game play comes in the form of gravity caused by the planets. You see as this is set in outer space you are also going to have to figure out how to use the gravity of the various planets to your advantage.

Before the Angry Birds when you fired them would just go in an arc. That can still happen here, but when you get into a area that has zero gravity it will make you spin round the planet. Sometimes there are multiple zero gravity areas that you will have to figure out. It is really cool when you slingshot your Angry Bird and he fly’s round a planet a few times before smashing into a structure taking down the pigs as he goes.

Angry Birds Space Free is a watered down version of the full game. I am not saying that as a bad thing. But the game still does have the great fun game play that the full game has, but as I am sure you will have guessed the game has fewer levels than the full version which to be fair is as expected, but there still is a good amount of levels for you to see if this is the game for you.

I love Angry Birds Space and the new gravity element that it has brought to its already fun physics based game play. This free version is the perfect thing to download for those of you unsure if you want the whole game.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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