angry birds freeFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Rovio

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Is there a person on the planet who does not know about Angry Birds/ I am being serious these guys are everywhere. And with good reason to. The guys at Rovio have not only managed to create a wonderful physics based puzzle game, but they have also given the world some fantastic characters. Not to mention tons of merchandise that ranges from plush toys, board games, playing cards, women’s underwear you name a product and I am sure there will be one out there with an Angry Bird on it. But what makes this Angry Birds Free worth a download? Well read on to find out why my hard friends.

Angry Birds looks great. This one looks great Seasons looks great, Space looks great all the incarnations of Angry Birds are fine looking games. With what they lack in polygons they make up for in sheer personality. Without ever saying a word each of the Angry Birds has there own personality and you really have to give the developers a big high five for pulling that off.

I am a huge Angry Birds fan. As a mater of fact my whole family is my kids and wife all enjoy these games. But for some reason I had to actually be persuaded to download Angry Birds Free. I know that sounds crazy. I mean I am an Angry Birds fan and it has Free in the title. I am a Scotsman and I think by law we are required to want anything that has Free in the title. Anyway my reason was I simply thought it was just a small sample of a few levels from the full game that I already had on multiple devices, but it turns out I was wrong.

Pigs steal eggs you need to shoot Angry Birds with catapult to kill Pigs. Getting stars gives you extra points. There you go for the 0000.1 percent of people who do not know what Angry Birds is that is a quick summary of what you have to do. Angry Birds Free in a way is like what I thought it would be. It offers a small sample of what the full game has to offer, but there is something here that I never thought a developer in a million years would do and that is put in exclusive levels.

That is right Angry Birds Free contains 24 levels that are not in the full game. How crazy is that? Rovio really did go up a few notches on my awesome meter and they were already pretty darn close to the top. The 24 exclusive levels are spilt into 8 small episodes and offer you a nice bite size chunk of what Angry Birds has to offer.

This is an essential download. As a mater of fact I think it should automatically download to any one with an iOS devices’ iPhone, iPad or iPod. I cannot believe that Rovio put exclusive levels in a free version of Angry Birds. They could have easily just thrown together 24 random episodes from the full game and for free that would still have been great. But the fact that the only way you can play these levels is with this download is really cool. So please do not just think of this as a demo of Angry Birds like I stupidly did go and download it and have yourself some Angry Birds fun.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store