Fitbit is a collective system of trackers and tools that help you turn fitness into your lifestyle. Some of these products include the Fitbit One, the Fitbit Zip, the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Aria Scale. We’re going to go over how these products work and how they generate data that helps you improve your life.

Fitbit Flex

The Flex is a slim wristband that you wear with you all the time. During the day it keeps track of how many steps you take, the distance which you walk or run, and calories burned. During the night it tracks how many times you wake up, as well as how long you sleep. During the morning, the Flex wakes you up gently by vibrating, without making a loud noise. Not only are blaring alarms annoying, but they also wake up other people.


This Fitbit product also syncs your data to PCs, Macs, iPhone 4S and 5, iPad 3, Retina & mini, iPod touch, and select Android phone. Syncing is really simply and is done wirelessly without having to plug anything in, or push buttons. Flex also comes with free Fitbit tools that let you set goals and helps you on your way to achieving them. Through these Fitbit tools you can also log food, workouts and much more to keep track of your fitness levels. Knowing your progress also boosts your motivation, making it even easier to attain your fitness goals.

If your friends have a Flex device as well, you can compete with them. Not to mention that there are also daily alerts regarding your goals and achievements.

The Fitbit Flex costs $99.95. You can purchase it here.

Fitbit Zip


Zip works just like the Flex device, however it doesn’t wrap around your hand. It also doesn’t track your sleep patterns or wake you up in the morning. Fitbit Zip is just a device that you can attach to your clothes to track your fitness throughout the day. The good thing about the Zip device is that it’s only $59.95, or $40 cheaper than FlexClick here for more info on Fitibit Zip.

Fitbit One

The One is once again similar to the Flex device. It records your activity and sleep, syncs wirelessly, etc. The only difference between the One and the Flex model is that One isn’t a wristband, it attaches your clothes.


Fitbit One costs $99.95 – to purchase one or to read more about it click here.

The Fitbit Aria Scale

When you first see the price tag on this scale, $129.95, you’ll just think it’s an overpriced scale. However, when you look past the price, you’ll see a plethora of features that you can’t get on most scales.

The Aria tracks your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. Whereas normal scales just tell you a weight, and it’s up to you to decide whether that weight is alright or not, the Aria tracks your body fat as well. So if you’re really muscular, it lets you know your BMI is fine even though other scales might make it look like you’re “overweight.”

The Fitbit also recognizes up to eight people. You can sync each person with their Fitbit software account, so as soon as they step on, the data is pushed to their account. Data is synced through Wifi to Fitbit’s software that helps you track your weight as well as set long-term goals.

The Benefits of Fitbit’s Products

The One, Zip, Flex and Aria products are all compatible with “Lose it,” “Tactiohealth,” “May my Fitness,” “My Fitness Pal,” “Endomondo,” “Spark People” and many more apps. So you’re not paying for products that are limited only to Fitbit software/apps. Once you get these products you can use them with other various fitness solutions.

Tracking your progress is really important to succeeding in being healthy and physically active. Fitbits products will definitely help you on your quest to bringing fitness into your lifestyle, and they always deliver quality products.

The official Fitbit app is also really great. You can learn more about it through our review here.