Sometimes expensive cases are necessary for extra protection and waterproof features. However, there are times when cheap cases will work just fine. Maybe you never drop your phone and you’re just concerned about scratches or you want minimal protection or customization. Whatever qualities you may be looking for in a good iphone 5s case, there’s a cheap case on Amazon that has that. In this article we’re going to go over the top 10 rated cheap cases that cost anywhere from $.99 to $4.99. Please keep in mind that prices may vary on Amazon.

Quick Note

Some of these cases are so cheap that you can mix and match them. You like one of these cases because it has a kickstand? You like another one of these cases because its a beautiful one piece case? Then just get both. That’s the nice thing about these affordable cases. If one cracks or gets lost then just choose another one and you’re good to go.


Caseology Vintage Hybrid Series

Caseology Vintage Hybrid Series

Caseology Vintage Hybrid Series colors

This case from Caseology comes in a range of colors and is available for the iPhone 4/4S as well as the iPhone 5/5S. Some customers are reporting receiving the wrong case but it’s likely that’s just due to Amazon vendors getting their orders mixed up. This case is cheap and protects your phone from minimal drops and scuffs.


Caseology Carbon Fiber Hybrid Series

Caseology Carbon Fiber Hybrid SeriesCaseology Carbon Fiber Hybrid Series colorsThis case also comes from Caseology but has a different texture. Just like Vintage Hybrid Series, this case is also available in iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S models. It appears and will probably feel like a weave texture. Apparently this case is created with “premium carbon fiber” that has the durability of a hard case to absorb shock, but is also flexible and durable.

Basically this is another low-priced case that gives your phone a thin layer of protection needed for small drops and accidents.


Cimo S-Line Back Case

Cimo S-Line Back CaseCimo S-Line Back Case colors

This Cimo case is available for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 5C models. It comes in a limited range of colors and is a two-piece snap on. Because of this snap-on it’s possible that the case will offer more shock absorbency.


Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Case

Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Case

The corners on this case will obviously help absorb shock. This case comes in black, blue, green, purple and white. The only sketchy thing about it is that the image appears to be showing off an iPhone 4 even though the description says this is an iPhone 5S case.


Fosmon GEM Series

Fosmon GEM SeriesWell…this case IS pretty to look at, and if it’s your sort of thing you’ll be glad to know you can get it for cheap. Some customers are reporting the the case is very heavy. One customer even reported that the case was so heavy it caused her phone to absolutely shatter when she dropped it.


Credits to Kristine S.S. Next time don’t rely on a $5-10 case to protect your phone from drops.

Although the heaviness of this case is probably just an exaggeration, the lack of durability of it is not. A lot of customers report that the pearls fall off and the case is pretty useless. It would be a good idea to avoid this case unless you want to use it temporarily. All in all though, this is a popular case that has received a 4-star rating on amazon based on 250 consumer ratings.

rooCASE Apple iPhone Case

rooCASE Apple iPhone Case

rooCASE Apple iPhone Case colors

The rooCase looks really sturdy and thick for such a cheap price. Not to mention that it has a kickstand built into it! I’ll say it again: this is an amazing case for such a great price.

rooCASE Apple iPhone Case

eForCity TPU Rubber Skin Case

eForCity TPU Rubber Skin Case

eForCity TPU Rubber Skin Case colors

Personally I dislike rubber cases because they always get stuck coming out of my pockets. The good thing about rubber cases though is that you can get them online for a couple of cents. You could literally buy 20 of these cases without spending more than $3.

Caseology Transparent Hybrid Bumper Case

Caseology Transparent Hybrid Bumper Case colorsCaseology Transparent Hybrid Bumper Case colors

This case is a must-have because it’s so darn customizable. You can stick a family photo or some other design between the phone and the case to personalize its appearance. I don’t know what other case gives you that much value for such a cheap price. Once you buy this case you’ll never have to buy another one to redesign your phone – to change the look, simply change the picture.


Fosmon DURA Series

Fosmon DURA SeriesFosmon DURA Series colors

This case comes in a hexagonal and flower pattern as well as in a couple of different colors. Customers find this case durable and beautiful to look at, but also report that it gets dirty easily and are hard to clean. In spite of these drawbacks, the case managed to earn a 4-star rating after over 100 reviews.


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