Case Mate is yet another maker of some of the best iphone cases money can buy. Case Mate has 72 cases in their shop. However, not all of these are worth checking out. In this article we’re going to go over the top ten cases you can get at Case Mate. Hopefully this will make your search for a case easier 😉  Update:  We’ve added some coupons for CaseMate cases here.


Quick Note

If your Case Mate case ever breaks, checkout the warranty policy and see if you fall within the guidelines for getting your case replaced. Case-Mate offers a one-year limited warranty so you should be able to get a replacement if your case cracks or falls apart from non-abusive use.


Barely There for iPhone 5/5S ($25.00)

Case Mate Barely There iPhone CaseCase Mate Barely There iPhone Case colors

The entire idea behind this case is to make you notice it as little as possible. It’s clear and thin: enough to protect your phone from small accidents without being so bulky that it would be hard to get out of your pocket.


Tough Xtreme for iPhone 5/5S ($40.00)

Case Mate Tough Xtreme iPhone 5s CaseCase Mate Tough Xtreme iPhone 5s Case colors

This case is way more noticeable than the Barely There case. However, with that extra thickness comes extra protection. This case offers military-grade protection and is formed from three layers. It’s got a soft exterior wrapped around a hard base structure that is lined with soft, impact-absorbing material. Not to mention that this case also has a built-in screen protector.


Tough for iPhone 5/5S ($40.00)

Case Mate Tough Case for iPhone 5s Case Mate Tough Case for iPhone 5s colors

Tough is a dual-layer case that has a rugged texture finish. The intended idea for the texture is to make your phone easier to hold and less likely to drop. However, this intention backfires when you try to take the phone out of your pocket. The rugged texture is extremely likely to get stuck in your pocket and you’re more likely to drop your phone while fidgeting to get it out than if you had no case on it.


Naked Tough for iPhone 5/5S ($35.00)

Case Mate Naked Tough CaseCase Mate Naked Tough Case colors

The iPhone 5 and 5S are beautiful phones that shouldn’t be hidden behind ugly plastic cases. The idea behind the Naked Tough case is to show off your phone’s beauty while also protecting it as much as possible. This case is a two layer case that snaps into itself and stays locked onto your phone. The greatest part about it is that its buttons have a beautiful metallic finish.


Pop! for iPhone 5/5S ($35.00)

Case Mate Pop! Case for the iPhone 5sCase Mate Pop! Case for the iPhone 5s colors

Pop! goes the awesome kickstand in the back of this case.  This is a case that incorporates a stand in the back allowing you to prop-up your phone vertically or horizontally. This is certainly worth it if you want to take time-span videos or use your phone to watch movies.


Peacock for iPhone 5/5S ($15.00 usually $30.00)

Case Mate Peacock iPhone 5s Case

This is just a trendy case you might buy if you’re a hipster, or if you just happen to like peacocks. The bottom right of the case seems to have a metal ring that would be perfect for hooking up to a key-chain. The key-chain feature is not listed on Case Mate as an intended design, but I think you can definitely use it that way.


Glimmer for iPhone 5/5S ($35.00)

Case Mate Glimmer iPhone 5s CaseCase mate Glimmer colors

If glitter is your thing, cool.


Woods for iPhone 5/5S ($50.00)

Case Mate Woods iPhone 5s Case

Case Mate Woods iPhone 5s Case colors

What’s more “gangsta” than genuine wood cases? Nothing. Nothing is more awesome than these wood cases. They are kind of expensive though and it seems like they may crack easily. Depending on your style and budget this might be a great way to protect your phone and add style to it at the same time. It would make a cool gift for someone you know would like a wood-patterned phone as well.

Tortoiseshell for iPhone 5/5S ($35.00)

Case Mate Tortoiseshell iPhone Case

The cool thing about this product is that no two cases are exactly the same. So if you buy this case then you’ll be happy to know that no one else has the same exact design as you do.


Glam for iPhone 5/5S ($50.00)

Case Mate Glam Case for the iPhone 5SCase Mate Glam Case for the iPhone 5S colors

This is another glitter shell. However the difference between this case and Glimmer Slim is that this one has a smooth finish. If you’re into glitter then this might be the case for you. However, there are probably cheaper cases out there that look just the same.


Customization at Case Mate

Case Mate Custom Cases

The coolest thing about Case Mate is that they let you customize your cases. This means that you can create a case using a specific design or image. You can choose between the Barely There ($35) model, Tough ($40 model) and Tough Xtreme ($45) model.

Case Mate’s customization feature is definitely really cool and outdoes the competition in this aspect.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our page on Case Mate coupons and discounts.


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