Sometimes you need speakers on the go. We’re here to show you the best ones out there, in rank from the highest rated to the lowest rated. (We took into account the vote ratings as well as the number of votes).

1. X-Mini II XAM4-B Portable Capsule Speaker


This speaker lasts about 12 hours and is rechargeable. It comes with a charging USB cable and carry pouch.


2. Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery and Enhanced Bass Resonator


The ZX100 speaker features 360 degree sound. It is also really portable because the top base screws in when not in use.



3. Logitech S715i Portable 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

000000432This “speaker” is really huge! In fact it’s a portable boombox dock made up of 8 speakers. The dock does not support the lighting connector.



4. HMDX Audio HX-P230RD JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker



This speaker lets you blare your music into others’ ears for up to 4 hours.


5. iHome iHM60GY 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker

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This speaker is extremely loud (which is good). Although the description doesn’t mention how long it lasts, reviewers are saying it lasts a “long” time.


6. Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The Creative D100 speaker doesn’t need to be physically connected to your phone. However you’re going to need rechargeable batteries because it runs on four AA batteries. The good thing is that it runs for 25 hours.



7. HomeSpot NFC-enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System

000000443This speaker works with Android phones that are NFC compatible, as well as from other phones (such as iPhone) that have Bluetooth.


8. Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

000000445000000446 The Jawbone plays up to 15 hours on a single charge. It’s made up of multiple speakers as well.


9. Grace Digital Eco Extreme 3.5mm Aux Waterproof Portable Speaker Case


Waterproof portable speaker?  We’ll take four please… In addition to this speaker being water/sandproof/weatherproof, it also comes with room to store credit cards, wallets, or keys.


10. Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II


The battery of this portable speaker lasts up to eight hours. The quality is unprecedented to any of the other professional speakers above, but so is the price.