Two million iPhone 5 versions were pre ordered within the first 24 hours that ordering the iPhone become available and pre-orders are continuing to pour in.  What this means is that while the first people who have pre-ordered will be able to get their iPhone 5 by September 21, everyone else is going to have to wait until October or even later if the pre-orders keep coming in the way they have been.

There is still a chance you could get an iPhone 5 at the retail store on September 21, if you are there before 8:00 a.m. which is when these iPhones will be released to the public. Chances are though, if you aren’t early enough, these new iPhones will be sold out at the stores in record time. Unless you can camp out at a retail store near you, that will be selling the iPhone 5, your best opportunity of getting one any time soon is to pre order as soon as possible.

Source Apple News