It is not uncommon for the space called “Other” in your iPhone to take up to around 1 gig of space, and unfortunately, it’s also not out of the ordinary for something to become corrupt to the point that the “Other” space accumulates an extremely large amount more space than it should, say 2 or more gigs of space. If that happens to your iPhone, the only way to correct it and reclaim the space to use for your own data is to restore your iPhone.

Before restoring your iPhone, make sure you have backed up all your data to iClouds or iTunes and also make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Then, connect your iPhone to your computer, select it when it shows up in iTunes, choose the Summary tab and then you can click on Restore. When the restore is almost complete you will see Setup prompts. Follow those and then when your iPhone has been restored, you can sync backed up data to your iPhone.

After you have restored your iPhone, check the “Other” space and you should see that it is significantly lower than what it had been before the restore.