Here is a list of all the achievements in “Where’s My Water”.  See how many of these you can achieve!

Completed “Meet Swampy”

Completed “Troubled Waters”

Completed “Under Pressure”

Completed “Sink or Swim”

Tri-Ducked “Meet Swampy”

Tri-Ducked “Troubled Waters”

Tri-Ducked “Under Pressure”

Tri-Ducked “Sink or Swim”

Found First Collectible

Found Ten Collectibles

Found All Collectibles

Unlocked a Bonus Level

Completed All Bonus Levels

Shallow Bath


Poison Water

Ugly Duckling

Efficient Cut

Quick Finish


Good to the Last Drop


Who Made This?

Completed “Change is Good”

Tri-Ducked “Change is Good”

Completed “Boiling Point”

Tri-Ducked “Boiling Point”

Tri-Duck Dash

Eye Drops

Completed “Stretched Thin”

Tri-Ducked “Stretched Thin”

Completed “Caution to the Wind”

Tri-Ducked “Caution to the Wind”

Out of this World

Quick Finish 2

Completed “Rising Tide”

Tri-Ducked “Rising Tide”

Taste for Destrction

Tri-Ducked “10 Days of Swampy”

Tri-Ducked “Hearts and Crafts”

Played for 10 Days

Completed “Out to Dry”

Tri-Ducked “Out to Dry”

Tri-Ducked “Days of Summer”

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