If you have an iPad with Retina Display, you are going to want to dress it up with the best wallpaper you can find and Apple’s backgrounds just don’t always fill that bill. Also, because the Retina Display is even a better quality than the best of the HD images, it can be challenging to find an image that will do justice for your viewing pleasure of having the retina display quality. For the iPad you need at least iPad’s 2048 x 1536 resolution images. There are a few websites that you can download these for free or for a small cost.

A great website to find iPad Retina wallpaper is InterfaceLIFT. This site has more than 300 pages of images that you can pick and choose through – all for free. You can also get the free MAC menubar that will notify you when new images are uploaded and they will upload to automatically adjust to your screen resolution. Another free site to choose Retina wallpaper from is WallpapersWide. This site has over 400 images per page, but not all of them have the resolution you need. To make sure you are picking the image that will work best for your iPad, click on the “Filter By” option and choose to sort at 2048 x 1536 or above.

Vladstudio is a site that offers top quality digital art for your iPad Retina wallpaper. While you can find lower resolution images for free, you will have to spend around $14.99 to become a premium member if you want to get the Retina quality of the versions. This is a onetime charge though for ongoing use. If you love images and change your wallpaper often, it’s well worth the price.

If you really love your images though, and want the best and most unique for your iPad Retina wallpaper you might want to check out Digital Blasphemy. This site has 3D rendered original art by Ryan Bliss. For these images you will pay $15 for a 100 day membership or $99 for a lifetime membership. There is a small collection of free prints though if you love the artwork but don’t want to pay for the membership.

Source Techland